Heat Advisory September 25

Heat Advisory issued for Central Coast

A ridge of high pressure moving in this weekend will push winds offshore, bringing hot, dry conditions all the way to the coast. Record high temperatures will be possible on Sunday and Monday.


SPCA Pet Telethon

Monterey County SPCA Logo

Monterey County SPCA

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) for Monterey County is your nonprofit, independent, donor-supported humane society that has been serving the animals and people of Monterey County since 1905. The SPCA is not a chapter of any other agency, is not funded by tax dollars, and does not have a parent organization.

Donate to the SPCA

Make a Donation to the SPCA for Monterey County

The SPCA receives no tax dollars and they are not affiliated with any other SPCA or humane society. Your donation stays right here in Monterey County to help people and animals in need.


Making A Difference: Pet foster parents

Statistics show thousands end up at local shelters each year. The SPCA for Monterey County says without volunteer foster families, many wouldn't survive. In today's making a difference, we look at a couple that has transformed their lives to serve pets in need.


SPCA’s Pet Meals program helping seniors keep their pets

Chiquita and Gus live the good life. All day they eat, sleep, and get constant love from their owner Patricia Klem.


Ride-along with humane investigators at the SPCA for Monterey County

Tuesday NewsChannel 5 was on the front lines of the effort to save animals from dangerous situations.


Helping rescue horses in Monterey County

The SPCA for Monterey County needs your help keeping their rescue horses healthy.

Monterey County SPCA Logo

Puppy Preschool Among Many Classes Offered By SPCA

For five weeks new dog owners play the roles of student and teacher.


Wildlife Center at SPCA offers rehab services for wild animals

Walk inside the Wildlife Center at the SPCA these days and you'll see and hear a parrot named Max.

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