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Facebook via CNN

Facebook adds 'Reactions' to Like button feature

The Facebook "Like" officially has company -- but it's not a "Dislike" button.

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Verizon to add $20 to grandfathered unlimited data plans

If you're still clinging to your Verizon unlimited cell phone plan, your monthly bill is about to jump by $20.

Verizon is planning to raise the price of unlimited data plans from $29.99 to $49.99 per month. The company confirmed the move to CNNMoney o...



FAA tests technology to counter rogue drones

The Federal Aviation Administration is testing anti-drone technology that would counter rogue drones flying within a five-mile radius of select airports.

The technology is supposed to detect radio signals from rogue drones operating too close to airp...

iPhone 6s on display

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AT&T turns on Wi-Fi Calling for iPhone users

If you're an AT&T customer with an iPhone 6 or newer -- you can now make calls over Wi-Fi.

LinkedIn screengrab

Report: Iran-based hackers spy using LinkedIn

A group of suspected Iranian hackers are using a sophisticated network of fake LinkedIn profiles to spy on unsuspecting targets worldwide -- including the U.S. -- according to a new report.

The fake personas fell into two groups: one set that were ful...

Waze app


Slain woman followed Waze app to wrong street

The couple followed their Waze GPS app, thinking it would lead them to a touristy avenue in Niteroi, a large city across the bay from Rio de Janeiro.

Instead, it led them to another street of the same name in Niteroi in one of the city's most notoriou...

Twitter quake

LAKANA illustration

U.S. scientists use Twitter to track earthquakes

When earthquakes happen, U.S. government scientists get a 60-second heads up from an unlikely partner -- Twitter.

Since 2009, seismologists at the U.S. Geological Survey have teamed up with the social media company. The result? More accurate emergency...

NASA rocket


NASA successfully launches sounding rocket

NASA successfully launched a sounding rocket Wednesday from its Wallops Flight Facility in Chincoteague, Virginia, USA Today reported.

Twitter moments

Twitter via CNN

Twitter launches Moments

Now you can view Twitter through an editor's eyes.

Keyboard, password, computer


Europe's big data bombshell: What you need to know

Europe's top court has delivered a bombshell ruling that will force thousands of U.S. companies to change the way they treat personal data of users, customers and staff.

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