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Special Report New Salinas Police recruits

Special Report: New Salinas Police recruits

It has not been an easy road for the Salinas Police Department and the community in the last year. But there is renewed hope through a new generation of officers who just started the academy in June.

Home Made Annieglass makes award-winning glass

Award-winning glassware made in Watsonville

A small group of skilled artists is creating award-winning glassware known around the world and it is made on the Central Coast.

SPECIAL REPORT: Undocumented students fight for their education on the Central Coast

Giving a special group of students a piece of the American dream.

Can the law stop cyberbullying?

Instagram, Spapchat, Facebook, Twitter. More and more these days, it's how kids communicate. But the 24/7 social media world can take an ugly turn fast. One local police chief wants to do something about it.

Dear Jon wdyc highways 156 and 68

UPDATE: Special Report, Highways 68 & 156 Drive You Crazy

Which highways on the Central Coast cause you the biggest headaches? There were two local highways that you complained about the most. Mona from Salinas wrote, “Dear Jon, Highway 68 is so bad! If they're going to build new homes, can't they widen 68 to four lanes in both directions?” And Ron from Royal Oaks wrote, “Highway 156 from Prunedale to Castroville is intolerable!”

Sardines in trouble

West Coast sardine fishery being shut down

Commercial fishing of sardines on the West Coast is closing July 1, 2015

Special Report Heart test can save lives

SPECIAL REPORT: Lifesaving heart test

A Central Coast man who lost his brother a year ago is now hoping to raise awareness about a simple heart test that made a life changing difference for him.

Local company brings fresh seafood to your dinner table

A local company is providing its members with a weekly local catch and sustaining jobs and the environment.

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3D printing technology s myriad uses on the Central Coast

3D printing technology's myriad uses on the Central Coast

3D printing technology is being used in numerous ways throughout the central coast

What s killing star fish

What's killing starfish?

Scientists scurry to discover what's killing starfish

water dowsers

Farmers turn to ancient divining practice to find water during drought

Farmers turn to ancient divining practice to find water during drought

Moto GP leaves Laguna Seca

Moto GP leaves Laguna Seca

Moto GP leaves Laguna Seca

Salinas Officer-Involved Shootings

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