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SPECIAL REPORT: Rental costs continue to rise across the Central Coast

In November of 2015, KION reported on the rising cost of rent across the Central Coast. More than six months later, local experts say the problem isn't any better. In fact, it may be worse.

Glamping vs. Camping

Finding a camping spot at Big Basin Redwoods Park used to be easy.

SPECIAL REPORT: Responding to people in crisis

UPDATE 5/11/2016 6 PM: Law enforcement officers have a lot to deal with these days. Some agencies are short-staffed because of budget cuts or recruiting challenges. Treatment and services for people with mental illnesses have also taken a hit. According to the State Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training, law enforcement often has to pick up the slack.


Special Report: The push for medical marijuana operations in Monterey County

Here on the Central Coast, we’re surrounded by fields of green. From artichokes to lettuce fields, Monterey County is an agriculture giant.

Local earthquake assessment

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Special Report: Central Coast earthquake forecasting

Scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park say the largest earthquakes in California would be produced by the infamous San Andreas Fault, which runs just 10 miles east of Salinas.

SPECIAL REPORT: The state of Santa Cruz County’s bridges

SPECIAL REPORT: The state of Santa Cruz County’s bridges

Every four years, the American Society of Civil Engineers grades our country’s infrastructure.

Monterey residents fed up with homeless at Laguna Grande Park

Stunning lake views and open grassy fields make Laguna Grande Park attractive. But Monterey residents who live nearby say there’s a problem lurking deep among the bushes.


Lifeline of the Big Sur Coast

The Big Sur Coast-- rugged, picturesque, remote-- every winter, storms batter the exposed stretch of Highway 1, etched into the cliffs of the coast itself, sending streams of rocks and debris onto the road or undermining it altogether.

A diligent team of workers stands guard to keep the road clear.

"Mother Nature controls. She makes the decisions. We just pick up after her," explained Ray Ortega,…

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