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Officials: Hackers break into election systems in Illinois, Arizona

Hackers have breached databases for election systems in Illinois and Arizona, according to state election and law enforcement officials.

Republican congressional candidate Casey Lucius dumps Trump

Congressional candidate Casey Lucius is making it known she won't vote for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton accepts democratic nomination for President

20th Congressional District Delegate David Kong is at the DNC in Philadelphia sending us pictures of Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech.

The Central Coast reacts to Hillary Clinton’s historic nomination

Tuesday was an emotional night and one for the record books as Hillary Clinton became the first female presidential nominee of a major political party.

Santa Cruz Democrats react to DNC drama

The Democratic National Convention, which opens Monday in Philadelphia, was expected to be free of drama.

Slideshow: 2016 GOP Convention begins in Cleveland

The 2016 Republican National Convention is underway in Cleveland, OH.

Donald Trump Teleprompter

CNN; Twitter@ShellieHarwood; Mediaite; ABC/"Good Morning America"

Getting to know a Central Coast Republican delegate

We've heard a lot about delegates this year as we head towards another presidential election, but we don't always get to learn about who these people are. So, now we're introducing you to a Central Coast delegate, who works and lives here.

Race for 20th Congressional District down to Panetta and Lucius

Race for 20th Congressional District down to Panetta and Lucius

The race for the California 20th Congressional District seat is officially down to two candidates.

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