shooting investigation

String of robberies in Monterey County Friday leaves one dead, one injured

One person is dead and one person is injured after a string of robberies Monterey County Friday morning.


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House of Representatives, Capitol

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Senate control hinges on turnout

Democrats aiming to keep the Senate are facing tough odds in next week's election with their chances depending on convincing a surge of women and African-Americans to vote.

Both sets of voters will be vital in two of the crucial races --- in North Ca...


Last day to request a vote-by-mail ballot is Oct. 28

The deadline to apply for a vote-by-mail ballot for the Nov. 4 Statewide General Election is Tuesday, Oct. 28.

Scotts valley company promotes early earthquake detection

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Scotts Valley company promotes early earthquake detection in Sacramento

Finding ways to get ahead of an earthquake's destruction before it happens -- that's the message coming out of Sacramento, as lawmakers sift through the aftermath of Napa's most recent quake.


Brown: California needs long-term vision on water

Gov. Jerry Brown says he will focus on a long-term strategy to cope with California's water problems if he is re-elected in November.


Federal court temporarily bars Sheriff Miller from campaigning in uniform

A federal court has issued a preliminary injunction barring Monterey County Sheriff Scott Miller from participating in political activities while wearing his uniform.

Envelope mix-up behind Santa Cruz County ballot delays

Santa Cruz Co. has vote-by-mail ballot backlog

The Santa Cruz County Clerk is calling this the worst delay she's ever seen: an envelope mix-up has about 65,000 vote-by-mail voters without a ballot.


Special tax measure to go before voters in Salinas

A special tax measure aimed at funding public safety to to combat crime in Salinas will go before voters.

Carmel city administrator resigns

Carmel city administrator quits amid calls for his resignation

Carmel residents said they're pleased to know change is coming to City Hall.

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