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Kellyanne Conway


Campaign manager points to 'hidden Trump vote'

Donald Trump's campaign manager dismissed a daunting collection of recent polling that shows her candidate trailing, arguing that there is a "hidden Trump vote" not captured in polls that will be decisive come Election Day.

Pescara del Tronto, earthquake

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Italy earthquake: Death toll rises to at least 120

In the Italian village of Saletta, a tiny settlement of about 20 people, residents used their bare hands to ferret through the rubble of a two-story home in a desperate search for neighbors.

They called out names as they dug through the remains of a ...

Syria locator

Google Maps

Syria: Turkey launches anti-ISIS offensive

Turkish tanks entered northern Syria on Wednesday to help Syrian rebels clear ISIS from a border town, Turkish state media reported -- a move that follows recent attacks that the republic blames on terror groups.

By Wednesday evening, the Ankara-backe...


Barry Neild/CNN

Flight delayed over bizarre crew member tiff

A disagreement between two crew members baffled a plane full of easyJet passengers and caused the entire flight to be delayed for more than an hour. You may now unfasten your seatbelts, the level of petty has reached 30,000 feet.

Atmosphere, space


Closest rocky planet to our solar system found

In a discovery that has been years in the making, researchers have confirmed the existence of a rocky planet named Proxima b orbiting Proxima Centauri, the closest star to our sun, according to a new study.

American University of Afghanistan map

Google Maps

Blast, gunshots reported at Kabul university

Chemistry professor Ahmad Samin was teaching a class Wednesday evening when assailants opened fire and detonated explosives on American University of Afghanistan in Kabul.

Quickly, the lights went out.

"It was very dark, (and) everyone was running. E...

Zika mosquito research

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Miami Beach mayor: We need a Zika bill

With the number of Zika cases in the United States growing, the mayor of Miami Beach, Florida, says he's frustrated that Congress still hasn't passed a bill to help combat the virus.

Epipen video blurb

WXIN; Family pics; Mylan ad via CNN

Cost of EpiPen: Senators' daughters call for action

The incredible increase in the cost of EpiPens, auto-injectors that can stop life-threatening emergencies caused by allergic reactions, has hit home on Capitol Hill, where one Democratic senator whose daughter has allergies has called for action and ...

Nice locator

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Police in Nice force woman to remove clothing

Armed police officers forced a woman at a Nice beach to remove some of her clothing as part of the French city's controversial ban on the burkini.

Donald Trump, RNC, July 21

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Donald Trump plans minority voter outreach

Donald Trump's campaign is planning a concerted effort to reach out to minority voters and shed the perception by some that he is racist, part of a reset for his campaign sparked by bringing in new leadership.

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