3 tonight police are making headway in one of the most brutal armed robbery murders they've seen in salinas. good evening, i'm spencer washburn. and i'm jasmine viel. thanks for joing us for this special edition of news channel 5 online. investigators have many good leads in the attempted armed robbery last friday-- that killed a 55 year old woman. 3 news channel five's jacqueline tualla is live in the newsroom with the latest on the murder investigation at the "hot stop" mini mart jacqueline? 3 as family and friends hold a viewing tonight for "sook mi oh" who was kille last friday... salinas police say they're getting closer to catching the two suspects. they say it's all thanks to the surveillance video they released of that violent murder that's getting many of you to come forward. 3 *trt: 1:24 outcue:: but in time it will happen * 18-26 1:00-1:09sgt. jeff gibson, salinas police dept.9:42 this is a brutal crime. there's no ifs, ands or buts about it. it's probably one of the more brutal ones that we've seen in our time, as far as armed robebries. sergeant jeff gibson with the salinas police department says he seen a lot of armed robberies. but never has he seen one escalate the way it did at the hot stop market last friday. today the memorial for sook mi oh continues to grow in front of the store.sgt. jeff gibson, salinas police dept.8:57 ...we wanted to shock the conscience if you will to get people to call in. we wanted them to be appalled by what happened that's why police released this surveillance video earlier this week. three people were shot several times by the two suspects you see here...sgt. jeff gibson, salinas police dept.10:27 we're getting a lot of good leads that we're following up on sergeant gibson says those leads wouldn't have come in if it weren't for the video. so many tips that workdays have been long and non-stop for the team of thirteen investigators actively working the case.sgt. jeff gibson, salinas police dept.11:10 some of the calls i could say have lead us int he right direction . other calls have not but obviously i have to get my folks out there to follow up on callsto be able to corroborate that info that we're getting police say they will do what they need to -- to give sook mi oh's family and friends closure.sgt. jeff gibson, salinas police dept. 12:02 i want these guys in custodyi have every bit of confidence it iwll ahppen . when it will happen i cant say but in time it will happen 3 sook mi oh's family are raising reward money for anyone who comes forward with information leading to an arrest. they've also just set up a wells fargo account for donations. of course you can report tips anonymously to salinas police by calling 1-800-78-crime. i'll be posting all of this information to our website. kion right now dot com. jacqueline tualla in the newsroom, news channel five. 3 a homicide investigation is underway after the body of a 45 year old man was found in aromas. this is video of the coroner driving to the scene. the monterey county sheriff's office says he was shot. they got the call just before 8 a-m and responded to carpenteria road, which is just off san juan road. c-h-p shut down the road for a few hours. 3 hollister police are asking for your help to catch this man. he was caught on surveillance video stealing from the rite aid store on airline highway on august 14th. police say-- the man walked into the electronics area of the store, and allegedly cut off a sensor and left with a tablet. anyone with information is asked to contact holister police, or call we tip at 800 78-crime. 3 3 an official claim of workplace violence and harassment is being filed against seaside's top cop. the police officer's association alleges police chief vicki meyers has used physical force against her own employees. meyers says it's just not true. the complaint comes about a year after the p-o-a announced a vote of no confidence in meyers -- claiming intimidation on the job. still... some residents say they're pleased with meyers performance. 3 and tomorrow, the seaside police department is painting over graffiti in the city. as we told you yesterday, it's a growing problem there. the public is invited to help -- everyone is meeting in front of seaside city hall at 9 a-m. officers ask that participants are over 18. the paint and supplies are coming from the department and a few local businesses. 3 the california highway patrol's monterey region is rolling out new patrol units! the ford explorer suv's will gradually replace the old ford crown victoria's -- 20 total cars. our area is one of the last to get the new vehicles which get better gas mileage than the old cars. a normal chp patrol unit is driven at least 33,000 miles per year. the officers are already being trained and taking the new cars out on the road. 3 and soon -- the seaside police department will have some new rides. its city council passed a plan to buy three new police patrol cars, and four unmarked cars for the department. the cost of the patrol cars is nearly 170- thousand dollars. the other used cars would cost about 80-thousand dollars. the police department says its car fleet is old.. and needs constant repair. 3 it's move in day for many csumb students. the students who scored a dorm are fortunate, since many students are on a waiting list. the campus was aware this would be an issue this year, just like last year. a new dorm building is in the works with an expeted 600 additonal rooms by next fall... but for now, 70 students are still looking for housing. the university is doing what it can to get students settled in. 3 ronnie higgs, vp of student affairs & enrolment services "normally we have doubles, we have some tripling, but the majority of the rooms now we have triples in, some were built for four, so we have 3 and 4 in the group now." some of the students we spoke to say they've had to stay in hotels while waiting for a room to open. some students are even posting wanted adds on craigslist in hopes of finding a roomate off campus. 3 the united states department of agriculture recently visited ocean mist farms in castroville for special training. 3 the manager of the farm invited the u-s-d-a to train staff on how the agency inspects and grades products at shipping and receiving points. he says-- it's rare for u-s-d-a to hold a custom training session. 3 it's almost the weekend. norm -- sunny skies ahead? 3 3 3 you may have noticed some new warning signs at fishermans wharf in monterey! with the smoking ban taking effect there this year, the city needed a way to remind visitors. 3 3 so--they got the public involved. the city held a contest for community members to design the signs, with a focus on marine life. 3 *ted terrasas, sustainability coordinator "not just public health and safety, you know there's a lot of people congregated down there when they're eating and shopping. the smoke bothers a lot of people. but also there's a lot of sea life down there obviously, you're right over the water."* after sifting through about a dozen submissions, the city decided on mahlon coleman's design. there are 4 signs reminding folks of the environmental impact and to help save the animals who call the wharf home. 3 3 in state news - a california state senator has been arrested on suspicion of drunken driving -- and he's apologizing. ben hueso released a statement saying he's "sorry" for what he call his "poor personal judgment." the san diego democrat added that he accepts "complete personal responsibility" for his actions. hueso was arrested early this morning. 3 big progress has been made in the junction fire burning in madera county -- it's now 95 percent contained. all roads have re-opened and evactuations have been lifted. the fire burned just over 600 acres, and destroyed 47 structures. the cause is still under investigation. 3 crews continued installing new turf at levi's stadium in santa clara today. the team had to stop practice wednesday after the sod was too slipperly. it was originally installed in april -- as part of the new one point two billion dollar stadium. according to a spokesman for the 49ers, quickly replacing sod isn't that uncommon in the n-f-l. everything should be ready to go for sunday's preseason game against the san diego chargers. 3 tomorrow -- the salinas municipal airport is offering free flights for childreen and teens. it's part of their "young eagles flight" program the goal is to introduce kids eight through 17 to a free airplane ride and teach them about the aviation sciences. registration is at 10:30 a-m... parents must sign off for permission. 3 watch out for traffic delays with lane closures on monday in santa cruz. crews say the delays could be up to half an hour. crews are resurfacing capitola road from 30th avenue to 17th avenue. the work will be done from 9:30 a-m until 3:30 p-m. they also worked on the road today. 3 thank you for joining us for this special edition of news channel 5. and don't forget we're back on air tonight at 10 on the c-w and at 11 on kion. rember, you can always keep it here on kion