BIG SUR, Calif. -

The Pfeiffer Fire charred some of the redwood trees so much so that they are posing a safety threat to campers. That’s why they called in the “Tree Surgeon.”

"People call me crazy but I think I'm just crazy enough," said Donnie Nix, the tree surgeon.

For 21 years, Nix has been a hazardous tree removal specialist. Monday, his skills were needed for a 200-foot redwood that was leaning over the top of a Big Sur campground.

It’s Nix’s job to cut the tree all the way from the top down. He has to rely on rope that's tied to a tree for safety support.

"Okay, now my adrenaline is going pretty good," he said after cutting the top off.

The Pfeiffer Fire may be 100 percent contained, but the forest is still a dangerous place.

That's why Nix has his work cut out for him the rest of the week, taking out trees that pose a threat to campers and the community.