SALINAS, Calif. -

The playground in Tatum Bakker's name is officially open for children of all ages.

Tatum's Garden has been more than a year in the making and Bakker, who suffers from a spinal disorder, helped cut the ribbon today to open the playground.

With its rubberized surface, the playground is designed to be friends to wheelchairs and safe for kids to fall on. 

Amanda Bakker, Tatum's mother and President of Tatum's Garden Foundation, says this was a dream come true for the family and especially for the city of Salinas.

"I think Salinas needed something positive to kind of grab on to and do together," Amanda Bakker said. "And have this common vision and goal and work side by side and make it a reality."

Tatum's Garden Foundation has raised $1,050, it said on its website.  The goal is $1200.