Target Security Breach Affects Millions More

Retailer Offers Free Credit Monitoring Service

POSTED: 10:42 PM PST Jan 10, 2014 
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The hits keep on coming after a security breach that has affected millions of Target shoppers nationwide.

Friday, Target announced that data stolen from credit card users could have affected more customers than originally thought--up from 40 million to as many as 110 million shoppers.

Target said even if you didn't swipe your card during the affected days from Thanksgiving to mid-December, your information could still be at risk.

A recorded message at Target headquarters:"If you are calling with questions about the recent breach, we want you to know you have zero liability for any charges you didn't make."

The breach has some people "cashing" out.

"I think the best thing is probably just always use cash," said Salinas customer Jasmine Phillips.

But what if you still prefer the swipe?  A good precaution is to monitor your credit score. Equifax, Transunion and Experian are good places to start for online credit monitoring plans.

Target has it's own free service set up for all its U.S. customers, but information on how that will work will have to wait until next week.

Experts say scammers will sometimes call you claiming to be from your bank or Target requesting personal information.

Best thing to do? Hang up and call the respective numbers for your bank or Target to confirm. Same deal with email-- just don't click any of the links.

Despite Target, literally and figuratively having a bull's-eye on its back, shoppers continue to shop.

"They cancelled my old (credit card) and issued me a new one and I'm back shopping because I like Target," said Salinas customer Lupe Jaramillo.

"I didn't pull any money out of the ATM so I guess I am going to use my card again," said Phillips.

When news of the information theft broke, about 5,000 customers at Bay Federal Credit Union in Capitola were affected. Since then, that time those customers have received new debit and credit cards.

On Friday, the credit union said it had not seen any increase in the minimal amount of fraud they had.