MONTEREY, Calif. -

What might be the tiniest rescue of the Soberanes Fire was evacuated Tuesday in a Starbucks cup. It was a bird – a fledgling Pacific Slope flycatcher.

Firefighters found the tiny bird near Old Coast Road in Big Sur. Its nest had apparently been destroyed in the fire.

Staff members at the SPCA Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, say the bird’s left eye was closed, possibly due to smoke irritation. By Friday, they said the bird was alert, responsive and eating well.

In addition to the young flycatcher, the SPCA is sheltering 180 pets displaced by the fire including cats, dogs, chickens, goats, ducks, turkeys, guinea hens, horses, donkeys, parakeets, a rabbit, lamb, turtle, tarantula, king snake and leopard gecko.

Thirteen cats and dogs which were previously sheltered have been returned to their owners.