The Soberanes Fire is one for the record books. Cal Fire said it is the 19th largest fire in California history.

The fire is currently 126,000 acres and is 73 percent contained.

Firefighters are holding a community meeting at 6 p.m. Saturday night at the Arroyo Seco fire station.

Crews still believe they'll have the fire contained in a week from now. KION spoke to them about their strategy moving forward.

"I saw it started when it started from my windows,” said resident Karin Grorey.

Two months later, the Soberanes Fire is still burning and crews are working aggressively in the air and on the ground to turn the red into black.

"It's devastating. It’s sad in so many ways," said Cookie Gambucci.

The containment date for the fire is set for September 30. But crews tell KION this week's unpredictable weather may push things back.

"We are planning for the 30th but you know we're delayed so we're just gonna do our best to reach that day and just do the best we can and the safest way we can," said

Officials said low humidity and wind greater than 25 miles per hour and 35 miles per hour gusts have hampered their firefighting operations.

"We haven't been able to do much with the high winds especially up on the ridge tops and the high elevations,” said Soberanes Fire public information officer John DeYoe.

That’s because winds can pick up parts of the fire...kicking up embers...which can spark another inferno.

"We're kind of planning on keeping that fire right where it’s at we're fighting the fire on our terms we're not letting the fire come to us and dealing with it,” Deyoe said.

Until they can attack the main body of the fire, crews are working on small spot fires.

"One thing we can tell the public is we're going to be here ‘til the very end we appreciate the support that we've been receiving from the residents in the area,” said Soberanes Fire public information officer John Amador.

Crews said back burns may continue Friday, as long as conditions are safe. That could mean increased some in the area.