SALINAS, Calif. -

UPDATE 8/12/16 1:20 PM: As the November election approaches, the Salinas Police Officers Association won't be standing on the sidelines.

The organization, which represents rank and file police officers in the city, says it is forming a political action committee to support candidates for mayor and city council.

Tonight at 5 and 6, KION's Maya Holmes will examine the issues behind the move and tell us what the group hopes to accomplish.

PREVIOUS STORY: A political action committee will be unveiled Friday by the Salinas Police Officer's Association.  According to the association, it has been 37 days since Salinas Police demanded a plan from the city to address issues with crime and still no answer.

However on Thursday, city leaders gathered to ask parents and community members to step up and intervene before crime happens.

Details about the PAC will include raising funds to support candidates running for mayor and city council.