SANTA CRUZ, Calif. -

Growing concerns about safety in Santa Cruz are rising after a homicide occurred Tuesday on the San Lorenzo River. This week’s violence was the last straw for a group of volunteers that have spent years trying to clean up the area. The Riverwalk gets a lot of foot traffic and the things people see and hear can be disturbing. Some of the drug users try to hide what they’re doing but it doesn’t always work.

"When I was walking pass these guys over there I saw someone injecting something in his hand so yeah probably people are abusing drugs,” said European tourist, Tomasz Oskroba.

According to Santa Cruz Police drugs were also involved in Tuesdays homicide an area only 50 feet from a group of men who were seen doing drugs Thursday.

"Tuesday’s homicide was an isolated incident it was not a random act of violence so I want to assure the public that Santa Cruz police as well as city rangers are patrolling the levees at all times during the day," said Santa Cruz Police, Joyce Blaschke.

Even though the suspects in the homicide have been arrested, the founder of the levee clean-up group, also known as “Leveelies,” said she’s tired of feeling in danger.

"Notice it's getting worse and worse down there. There is more and more trash, more and more drug paraphernalia and some really seedy individuals who are obviously dealing in drugs,” said founder of Leveelies, Janet Fardette.

Fardette said, "We decided to go on hiatus and whether or not we go back and if we go back depends upon what the city decides to do to clean that place up."

Fardette said she kept statistics on all of her clean up findings and emailed them to city officials.

"What we tend to do is focus in an area and then the issue pops up somewhere else and then we focus on that area, we don't have the enough resources to be everywhere throughout the entire city all the time,” said Santa Cruz city manager, Martin Bernal.

Bernal said the Neighborhood Safety Team plans to meet Thursday in a closed session to talk about the problems and ways to solve them. The city manager said he’s taking immediate action to close off the inner section of the San Lorenzo River.

As for the founder of the “Leveelies,” she said she hopes she doesn’t have to retire her clean-up shirt forever.

Fardette said, “My hope for Santa Cruz is that it gets its act together and accepts the fact that we're no longer a little town. We are a city and we have city problems and let’s solve them.”