SALINAS, Calif. -

As the Pfeiffer Fire expands in the forests of Big Sur and homes continue to be in harm's way, there are a few things homeowners can do to make sure they're covered if anything happens.

State Farm Insurance released a few recommendations for those under mandatory evacuation orders:

- Save receipts for expenses incurred during the fire. You may be covered for hotel stays, food and other expenses.
- Follow instructions given by emergency workers and local fire teams.
- Once you can safely return home, take the time to inspect your property for any damages. Make any temporary repairs you're able to if damages put your home in danger for future damage.
- Contact your insurance agent right away to make a plan of action in dealing with the damage.

If you haven't been ordered to evacuate, but your home is still in danger, you can do several things to help:

- Create a plan of action and identify what you'd like to take with you if your evacuated on short notice.
- Take photos of every room in your house and take inventory of all belongings.
- Create a fire safety zone around your home.