UPDATE 8/8/16 6:22PM: The Monterey County Sheriff's Office has reduced some of the Big Sur evacuation orders to warnings, allowing residents in the affected areas to return to their properties.

The area east of Highway 1, south of Coast Ridge Road to Graves Canyon, is now under an evacuation warning, meaning residents are not required to evacuate, but should be prepared to leave and take medications, pets and family valuables with them.

Olaf Lange has been living in the canyon for more than 30 years, he was absolutely shocked returning to his home Monday morning.

"Just the nakedness of everything, and how your house, my house, just disappeared,” said Lange. “There's nothing."

The area still isn't completely safe though, according to Cal Fire, it's a good time for residents to return home and perhaps grab some things they left behind.

“At any time, this could be brought back into a mandatory evacuation, so we're asking residents to be ready for that,” said Captain Joe Amado with Cal Fire.

In order for residents to return home, the area must not only be clear of fire, but the terrain needs to be stable as well. Safe from falling rocks, downed trees and power lines.

"We want to make sure to ensure the safety of not only the men and women who are fighting this fire, but also the residents who live in the area," said Amador.

Lange said the fire has actually brought the community together. A few of his neighbors stayed behind to protect what they could.

"Not only saved their own house, but their neighbors houses,” said Lange. “And they stayed all the way through the inferno which was just amazing."

According to CHP, at least 75 residents had returned to their homes by Monday afternoon.

ORIGINAL STORY: Residents of Palo Colorado Canyon were cleared to return to their homes today. For many, it was their first chance to see how their homes and property came through the Soberanes Fire.

KION's Steve Fundaro is on-scene and will tell us what fire officials need to see before cancelling evacuation orders, and what residents are finding as they come back home.