SANTA CRUZ, Calif. -

State Parks said at least once a week someone is airlifted out of the Santa Cruz Mountains due to injuries. It's the same location where a young man died at a secluded swimming hole near Felton. The accident happened August 3. 

Beneath the trees at Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park lies the Garden of Eden. It's a place big for tourists these days and it's where state park officials said 23 year old Omar Peraza of San Jose died Wednesday. Witnesses said Peraza had been drinking and was with a group of friends who were climbing rocks and jumping into the water. 

"It is a common occurance for people to jump off the rocks here at the Garden of Eden and within state parks here in Henry Cowell it is against the rules and regulations to do that," said Sgt. Joe Walters, California State Parks. 

Officials said Peraza either slipped or jumped 40 feet and landed on the rocks. 

"He hit his head when he fell to the bottom and unfortunately he passed away," said Sgt. Walters. 

Lots of families come out to the location to enjoy the water and some visit from far away. 

"We just googled it yesterday, we found out about the park and then I googled hiking and I came across a couple blogs that talked about this location," said Chicago resident, Brittany Shropshire. 

It's not an easy hike down to the slice of paradise. From parking off highway 9 it takes a good 15 minutes downhill before reaching the water. Some of the locals said if they see a rowdy crowd down by the river they won't go. 

"A lot of drinking, smoking and just people not respecting the place and the nature and the heights," said Santa Cruz resident, Colleen Rubi. 

A lot of trash gets left behind. State parks walked along the water reminding people to follow the rules, pick up trash, no diving in the water, and ultimately be safe. 

"Did you guys see the signs up top that said no jumping or diving off the rocks ok, great we really want to emphasize that because we have a lot of medical emergencies down here because of that so great I'm glad you guys saw the signs," said Walters.