Mayor Eric Garcetti has used Labor Day to call for raising the city's minimum wage. This would be beyond the current $9 dollar increase this year and $10 increase for 2016.
Garcetti on Monday announced a proposal hike from the current $9 per hour to $13.25 in 2017.  The proposal will need City Council approval but it was praised by President Obama in his weekly radio address.
Garcetti says it's bad for the city's economy to have one million residents in poverty and he says eroding wages for low- and middle-income earners threatens recovery.
However, the proposed minimum wage would be among the highest in the nation and some business groups contend it would force job cuts.
Last month, San Diego voted to raise its minimum wage to $11.50 per hour in 2017.
San Francisco voters will decide on a $15-per-hour wage in November.