MONTEREY, Calif. -

While many people on the Central Coast celebrated Labor Day at the beach, Soberanes firefighters interacted with Mother Nature in a different way.

"It's like any other day on a fire,” said Soberanes fire Public Information Officer Marc Hollen. “Mother Nature doesn't ask us whether we want to take the day off from that holiday or not. She just keeps burning.

Soberanes Fire officials said crews are giving it their all, working 24 hours a day to contain the fire. Being away from home during the holidays can sometimes be tough.

"It depends on if something's going on at home,” said Hollen. “If you got a pregnant wife or something of that nature, they're probably is. But by and large you understand you signed up for this, you work until the fires out."

Off the fire line the work continues. At the base camp in Toro Park they're also working 24 hours preparing meals, doing laundry, managing the fire, along with supplying resources and medical attention.

"All of those areas need to be taken care of,” said Hollen. “Just like if you were at home, various needs have to be taken care of on a 24 hours period. We do that on a massive scale daily."

Locals stopped by the camp this holiday weekend, to say thank you in the form of signs, words and donations. The Monterey County Fair offered free admission to first responders to show their appreciation.

"Due to the number of fires in the state of California right now and obviously it's very close to us, we wanted to be able to give something back to those that are involved in helping their communities," said Kelly Violini, with the Monterey County Fair CEO.

"It's a nice feeling," said Hollen.

ORIGINAL STORY: Most of the firefighters on the front lines of the Soberanes Fire don’t get a day off on Labor Day but any firefighter or police officer who got some time off was offered free admission Monday to the Monterey County Fair during First Responders Day.

Tonight at 5 and 6, KION’s Maya Holmes will show us how the Fair and others in the community are showing their appreciation to law enforcement and fire personnel.