A satellite captured images of the burn scar left by the Soberanes fire.

Landsat 8 passed over the Central Coast on July 13 before the outbreak of the fire on July 22nd, sparked by an illegal, abandoned campfire at Garrapata State Park.

Seven days after the wildfire began, Landsat 8 passed over the area again on July 29, this time showing a sizeable burn scar.

A pass over on August 14 shows the progression of the burn scar.

As of August 26th, the Soberanes wildfire is 142 square miles and 60 percent contained.

The USGS released the images online as part of its EarthView series.  

The Landsat Project is a joint initiative between the U.S. Geological Survey and NASA. The U.S. has launched a total of nine of Landsats, with three still in operation.