Another warning Friday night from Cal Fire as crews consider closing Highway 1 for up to two days for a back-burn operation near Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park.

"Firing out is not an option we want to use immediately, but it is one we will use if it (the fire) gets too close to Highway 1," said Soberanes Fire Public Information Officer Larry Kurtz.

According to Cal Fire, if the weather conditions are right they could close the highway to do a back-burn to protect the Big Sur community.

"What we do is actually light a back-fire beginning at Highway 1 which goes up and consumes all the fuel between Highway 1 and the main front of the fire," said Kurtz.

This week Cal Fire closed down the highway twice overnight, but hasn't shut down the road for more than several hours because they know it's an important road for many people.

"Our incident commanders are very aware of the economic impacts, but do understand it is going to be for short a period of time as we can," said Kurtz.

It's no surprise that Big Sur businesses have been hurting since the fire started, but Sean Shadwell with Ripplewood Resort said he understands the need to shut down the highway.

"It is bad news for business, but it's good news in terms of fighting the fire," said Shadwell.

I met with Shadwell during the lunch hour He said normally the patio is packed with people; that was not the case Friday, but his biggest concern isn't lost revenue.

"A lot of focus should be given to the people who lost their homes during this fire," said Shadwell. "Money comes, money goes, but you know it's the people that are important."

Up the road, Rick Aldinger with Big Sur River Inn and Restaurant has also seen a big loss in business, but like his neighbor he is also looking at the big picture.

"It's our hope that the firefighters continue to have the great progress they have had and that very shortly this will have passed us," said Aldinger.

There was no definitive word from Cal Fire officials Friday on whether they will close down Highway 1. They said they must have the right weather and they are monitoring the conditions hour by hour.