Law enforcement agencies in South Monterey County conducted a gang and parole sweep Wednesday. The operation was designed to address a recent increase in violent crime in the area.

13 people were arrested and two weapons were recovered along with various narcotics.

The Greenfield Police Department worked with several other agencies during the sweep including King City Police, Soledad Police, Monterey County Probation Department, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, the California Highway Patrol and U.S. Marshals.

This comes after one gang member was arrested for three different armed robberies in three different cities -- first, a convenience store in Greenfield, and then another in Gonzales and a third in Monterey just days later.

"We have gang members or other criminals, who are committing violent crimes, who may live in one of the cities within our county, or maybe not, maybe outside," said Greenfield Police Chief Adele Frese.

Now that's where the challenge comes in, according to Greenfield Police, gang members are more mobile now and are committing crimes all over the county.

"You know they have wheels, they can move, the target moves,” said Frese, “and we're all impacted by the same type of crime or even the same criminals."

That's why Frese stressed communication between all agencies across Monterey County.

"We're working together, all of our law enforcement directors and agency personal understand the importance of working together, collaborating," said Frese.

According to Greenfield Police, sweeps through South Monterey County cities have prompted several arrests.