SALINAS, Calif.-- -

Since the gang fight broke out at Alisal High School last Friday, there's been some discrepancy between what police initially said versus what the school district found out.

As it stands Thursday, no faculty or staff member was injured in the brawl, according to the Salinas Union High School District.

Central Coast News got a first hand account from a student who wished to remain anonymous.

"What was going through my mind was like--I just hope these guys don't have any weapons on them so they don't hurt anybody," the Alisal High student remembered.

The student said a normal day became an abnormal chaotic scene. He said this was the first fight he had ever witnessed.

"I saw a janitor grab one of them and his friend came hit the janitor in the face," he said.

Central Coast News was told the janitor did suffer a bloody nose.

"It's pretty scary because what if they come again?" the student said.

The Salinas Union High School District said that despite the fight at Alisal high and the robbery two weeks ago at Salinas high, there will be no change in security procedures on campus.

Which means visitors will continue to sign in at the front desk or be escorted by a campus supervisor.

The student says this past Monday was the only day he felt unsafe to be at school.

"I feel very protected at my school. This was just once that happened but I still feel very safe," he said.

The specific gang members involved face battery charges with gang enhancements.