MONTEREY, Calif. -

At least two flights were either cancelled or delayed Tuesday, at the Monterey Regional Airport. There have been others in the past few days since the Polar Vortex hit the East Coast.

However, more than braving the bustling, overcrowded airports, travelers said they just don't want to leave the weather the Central Coast is having.

"I think I'm just going to take my backpack with my books and my Ipad and see where I end up today," said April Nickells.

Nickells is traveling to JKF Airport in New York. Her flight out of Monterey was on time, but its the connecting flight at San Francisco where she might see the dreaded "delayed."

"Let's say I got stuck in San Francisco, I think I'll be okay," said Nickells.

"Because their final destination is in the city that is experiencing this bad weather, so they might be able to get to their first connection, but they are not going to make it all the way through," said Public Relations Director Jennifer Hickerson at the Monetery Regional Airport.

Arriving flights into Monterey were delayed Tuesday. A flight from Phoenix was delayed twice. According to the website, the plane was held up in Indiana where the airport closed due to snow. The delayed caused a ripple effect, delaying departing flights from Monterey back to Phoenix.

"Might be nice to stay here in Monterey and stay warm," said Hickerson.

Nickells agreed. She checked and it was eight degrees in New York.

"It's been nice, I've been here for three-and-a-half weeks, it's been sunny and warm, and I've skipped a lot of storms. It was 40 degrees when I left, so I didn't need a coat, but it's going to be eight degrees waiting for a cab from JFK, which is going to suck a little bit," said Nickells.