SANTA CRUZ, Calif. -

Tuesday the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk began it's $12 million make-over. The new improvement project is something the seaside amusement park said it's had planned for years. The bulk of the work will take place near boardwalk entrance 2 but on top of the construction, the day after labor day is also when the new fall hours start and rides are only open on the weekends which was a big shock to tourists. 

"We were really excited when we saw Santa Cruz branding, however little bit disheartened because it seems that happened to us that it's under construction," said Australian tourist, Lainey Mcyntyre. 

Crews began repaving cement, knocking out parts of buildings and worked as fast as they could to get the $12 million improvement project ahead of schedule. 

"Guests know this entrance to the park is really narrow it's a long corridor we are tearing out some old buildings and we are opening up that in a way that we really never have before," said Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk spokesperson, Kris Reyes. 

The project will replace the walkway near Neptunes Kingdom. The new design shows a much bigger main entrance, equipped with ticket windows which officials said would make it easier for folks to get in and out of the park. New versions of the Lazer Maze, and Freight Walk are also in the works. The Freight Walk will move to a new location, under the boardwalk. 

"We know very well how much our guests love the rich history of the boardwalk and we work really hard to integrate that history into a modern day boardwalk experience," said Reyes. 

Reyes said the last time the boardwalk took on a project this big was 16 years ago. Two rides will be closed during construction, "Double Shot" and "The Pirate ship." 

"Of course I'm not going to let it ruin our day because it's a beautiful day, the sun is shinning and there is heeps to do here," said Mcyntyre. 

Boardwalk officials said the project should be complete by summer of 2017.