CARMEL, Calif. -

Construction on the Holman Highway 68 roundabout is underway. Crews will be working from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. Wednesday and Thursday.

"Tonight, we are going to be doing some stripe removal, and then putting down some new strips. But the big thing, I think, is that we are going to put in a new signal in this intersection that will run temporarily throughout the project," said construction manager Bobby Pentorali.

Crews are taking out the traffic signals and replacing them with a roundabout. Pentorali says there shouldn't be any major effect on traffic.

"There is going to be less protected turn movements, so there maybe a little bit of delay, a little bit of stacking up in the morning, in the afternoon, during busy times. But, generally speaking, there's not a whole lot that changes between now and, say, December or November," Pentorali said.

One thing will change before the end of the year.

"Come mid-September, all the way probably through November, December, you will have a different way to get through the intersection and get through 68," Pentorali said.

Before the complete makeover, commuters will also have to pay attention to minor changes.

"Coming off of Highway 68 now, it's going to be a left turn and straight through only. They don't have to wait for traffic on the other side," said Tom Fererra with St. Francis Electric.

For those still worried about construction delays, Monterey-Salinas Transit has dropped its monthly pass from $95 to $13 for those living, working and going to school in the area.

"That would be the west side of Monterey, as well as all of Pacific Grove, Carmel, Carmel Valley, down to Big Sur, and the unincorporated areas," said Hunter Harvath from Monterey-Salinas Transit.

MST hopes the discount will reduce traffic in the area.

"We are going to be fighting the congestion just like everyone else, so it really is important, not only to the community at large, but also to MST and our operations to get as many people off the road and out of their cars, and onto our buses," Havarth said.

These passes can be purchased at MST customer service centers in downtown Monterey, Maria, and downtown Salinas. A valid proof of residency is required. MST plans to offer discounted passes for as long as construction lasts.

CORRECTION: The construction company name is Harris & Associates. For more information, head to