CARMEL, Calif. -

To make Carmel more appealing to international visitors, the Carmel Chamber of Commerce has now configured it's website to translate into nearly 100 different foreign languages.

"In the Visitor Center we see a lot of people and we know that they have trouble,” said Monta Potter, President/CEO Carmel Chamber of Commerce. “Usually in each travel group there's one person who can sort of speak English. I think it will encourage people to come to town."

One of the countries Carmel is trying to target is China. In recent years Chinese tourists have become their number one international visitor.

"Carmel is beautiful," said Chinese visitor Tony.

"Different culture I think,” said Grace Miao, who is visiting from China. “Different sightseeing and history. We want to know a lot of different things."

According to research by the chamber, from 2013 to 2014 Chinese visits to Carmel have gone up 80 percent.

"There have been some changes in China to the visa requirements,” said Potter. “Now a lot of middle class and up Chinese people are coming to Carmel."

They also found that Chinese visitors spend 83% more than people from other countries. Hofsas House Hotel said sometimes about a third of their rooms are booked by Chinese guests.

"They're here and they want to know what to do and what to see, so it's fun having them," said Carrie Theis, Hofsas House Hotel Manager/Owner.

Chinese flocking to Carmel has also had a cultural influence on the town. Businesses are becoming more China ready. The Grill Restaurant on Beach Street now has menus translated into Chinese.

"It's so much easier because they like seafood, they like steak,” said Margot Dyer, Manager of The Grill Restaurant on Beach Street. “It’s so hard to try to pantomime a rack of lamb to someone."

ORIGINAL STORY: The Carmel Chamber of Commerce has changed its website to translate into foreign languages, as it tries to cater to tourists.

The chamber said it's trying attract more visitors and decrease language barriers.

Right now, more tourists are traveling to Carmel from China than anywhere in the world.

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