MONTEREY, Calif. -

Roaring engines, curious spectators, and cars that look like they're straight out of the transformers. They packed Cannery Row on Friday, and visitors didn't even have to pay to check out this million-dollar eye candy. The event was so popular that organizers had to turn away 60 exotic cars because they ran out of space.

"We wanted something free for the public," said event organizer Ramin Arami. "As you know, the prices keep on going up, not everybody can pay $600 to see an event."

The second annual event brings the exotic to an everyday street.

"There are a lot of events here based on older classics, so this event is completely based on super and hyper cars," Arami said.

Super and hypercars are some of the highest performing luxury cars, and there were about 200 lining the street in almost every color.

"There are some pretty sleek Lamborghinis here, and some of the newer Audi sports models are really cool," said Monterey resident Lesley Johnson.

 For some, it isn't just about looking at these cars, but capturing them on camera.

"I know nothing about cars; actually my favorite thing is just seeing these million dollars running down the street. And being able to photograph them is a really great opportunity," said Seaside resident Cristobal Miguel.

Even the kids were thinking about what they might someday drive.

"Maybe a Lamborghini Aventador?," said Gio Valdez, who came with his dad from Redwood City.

"Um... a Fararri," said Morgan Johnson.