The Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, the oldest and largest Buddhist monastery in the United States, is standing its ground against the Soberanes Fire.

The center is under an evacuation warning, but its director says they are equipped to stay until the last possible minute.

"Tassajara was founded in 1967. People come from all over the world to participate in these retreats. We provide a monastic environment," said Director Linda Galijan.

Nestled in the Ventana Wilderness, the center is no stranger to fires.

"Since the Basin Complex Fire, we have increased our preparedness significantly and in the last three years have done so by leaps and bounds," said Director Linda Galijan.

The property has helicopter pads, fire pumps, a rooftop sprinkler system on every building, and has even gone as far to train employees as wildland firefighters. The fight is definitely on to save the old monastery once again.

"We're clearing massive amounts of dead leaves and brush and timber, remaining plants. You know, keeping things away from the building. With the help from Cal Fire we hope to build a perimeter around Tassajara," said Director Linda Galijan.

Despite ignoring evacuations in the past, the center says they know when it would be time to go.

"If we felt like our safety would be at stake, then we would leave. Otherwise we are fully ready to meet the fire when it comes," said Director Linda Galijan.