More drama today stemming from a family pig that the city of Pacific Grove says has to go.

On July 21st, Lisa and Mark Hanes were told that they had 30 days to get rid of their three-year old pot belly pig Bruiser due to complaints from their neighbor that the smell of the pig's feces were a nuisance. While the Hanes family appeals this decision, Lisa found and posted emails between Pacific Grove city employees on the city's Facebook page that she says"Let's the community know what's really going on." This morning, Lisa received an email from the Pacific Grove Human Resources Manager requesting that she remove the posts within 24 hours, saying that they do not conform with the city's social media policy.

"I don't see any legal justification to take these down at all, I think it's all public information, you know all public records are public records, and they could post it online and there's no policy pointed out to me or any kind of statutory case law that Lisa can't post that information on the City of Pacific Grove's Facebook page," said Michael Lykken, the Hanes' family attorney.

"We want to move on past this, and now we have to go to court and fight this appeal in superior court after a one-thousand dollar cost, just another expenditure towards my family," said Lisa Hanes, Bruiser's owner.

Hanes says she will not remove the posts from the city's Facebook page as she's not legally obligated to and because of the support she's gotten from them. Pacific Grove Mayor Bill Kampe told KION that no further action by the city will be taken in regards to the posts. Pending an appeal, the family has till August 20th to relocate Bruiser the Pig out of the city.