MARINA, Calif. -

'May gray,' 'June Gloom' and now 'Fogust'? Many are wondering when we might see the sun again.

To some, a sunny day or a few hours of sunlight is starting to feel like a special treat.

"I saw the sun around 3 o'clock today. I got pretty happy. I thought, oh, maybe it will be a nice day to go to the beach," said Marina resident Andrea Maldonado.

The Maldonados just moved to marina, and they say foggy days are their new normal.

"I guess the only time I see the sun is when I drive up north of the Peninsula. I work in Aptos. It's kinda foreign, since when I drive out here, we don't really see I," Rich Maldonado said.

Others came to the coast to escape the heat at home.

"It feels really good, it's probably 65 degrees over here, and it's perfect," said Dennis Piacentine, who came from Chico.

Those cool temperatures are actually a bit below normal for us this time of the year, but the cloudy days are fairly typical.

"It's interesting because a lot of people have been saying it feels abnormal to previous years. But it's much more normal than it has been," said Brian Garcia with the National Weather Service.

In previous years, we've had a sunny and dry August, a result of the weather pattern mostly responsible for the drought.

"The pattern that we've had has kind of limited the amount of fog we've had in the past few years, so people kind of got used to the less fog type of thing," Garcia said.

And for now, the Maldonados have each other to fight the cold.

"Love keeps us warm," Andrea Maldonados said.