UPDATE 9/19/16 6:20PM: An air quality advisory has been issued for Monterey County because of hot and dry conditions during the Soberanes Fire.

Many residents in the Carmel Valley area claim the smoke is the worst it’s been since the fire started back in July.

"My eyes were watering badly, I mean you know really badly,” said John Church, “and I'm a smoker so that's pretty severe when your eyes water."

Others had to get out of the area because the smoke was too bad.

"Headed to the beach or leaving the village because it's been just as bad as it was when the fire, you know, broke out in the beginning," said Kathleen Reilley.

Over the past few days’ fire crews have been working on controlled burns on the southeast side of the fire, burning a line of at least 15 miles, this is what has added more smoke into the air.

"Widen our indirect containment line beginning at Chews Ridge north to the Los Padres Dam. Now we feel like we're getting a much more solid contained line," said Brentwood Reid with the Alaskan Division of Forestry.

And as long as weather permits, crews say successful controlled burns will continue, as they push for 100% containment by September 30th.

"60 days now that this fire has been burning, and while we have this window we're taking up every opportunity we have to wrap this up," said Reid.

Smoky conditions will continue through at least Tuesday morning.

ORIGINAL STORY: An air quality advisory has been issued for Monterey County because of smoke due to the Soberanes Fire.

The Monterey Bay Air Resources District said those in Carmel Valley, Big Sur, Cachagua, and Arroyo Seco will experience unhealthy levels on Monday and Tassajara is already seeing very unhealthy levels.

The district said hot and dry conditions, along with recent firing operations in heavy fuel and steep terrain near Chews Ridge are causing smoke to spread. Conditions could change based on the wind and the activity of the fire, according to the district.

For those impacted by smoke, the district is asking people to not go for a run or allow children to play outdoors and those with heart or lung disease should check with their doctor.

For more information on smoke, please check the EPA website.