SALINAS, Calif. -

Kindred Nursing and Transitional Care Facility in Salinas is going green.

"I saw the residents peeking out and they started asking more about the plants and when they would bloom and if they could help," said Community Lifestyle Director Mercy Rosario.   

Patio after patio turned into lush green gardens.

"I was raised in the country so I was always raised around gardens, nature, animals. So this patio is very important to me," said Resident Richard Fabela.

Horticulture therapy: growth that isn’t just for the vegetables.

"You think oh it's going to take forever. The longest process. But then to see it is something, it does happen and there is progress. It reminds me that it is possible and things do happen," said Resident Lisa O'Conner.

“When I came here I was about two days away from death because of my condition. In the morning I would look out and see the pumpkin and I could relate to it. That was my reality there. So the pumpkin was part of my re-birth to a new life," said Fabela.

Growing stronger day by day and eventually enjoying the fruits of their labor.

"I’ve had a lot of firsts. Goose berries, figs, lemon cucumbers, basil. We've made pesto," said O’Connor

"They’re not just being cared for. They’re caring for something else. So when they see it evolve, they evolve too and that has been amazing," said Rosario.