3 a young humpback whale is still not free-- from being tangled in crab pot netting--- in the monterey bay tonight... 3 a dozen people were already out in the water today---off moss landing--trying to help! ### that's where we find central coast news reporter marissa schwartz...standing by live tonight with the latest on the rescue efforts... 3 right now marine life responders tell me the whale is in the monterey bay about 12 miles out from moss landing... this is a rescue mission for them, because right now the whale has some of that fishing line wrapped very tightly around its tale. 3 *trt:1:20 outcue::wouldn't happen* :01-:10:11-:19 & 1:03-1:07:27-:35 :47-:55 :11-:19 & 1:03-1:07"it's kind of like cutting off your legs. you're not going to be able to move very well and for a whale that lunges for a living, it would be very difficult to eat. so it would die a very slow death." responder pieter folkens says the whale got caught in some crab pot fishing line...and it's been there for a while because he says skin has actually started to grow around the line. "juvenile humpback whale that was trailing a line behind it, about 50 feet behind, two buoys and it was laboring at the surface."at least a dozen people from noaa fisheries, the us coast guard and marine life studies went out on sunday and monday, working in some rough waters to save this whale's life."you've got an animal thats 25-30 tons and you're in an inflatable boat and we're thinking about, ok, this animal can flip us in a minute."folkens says the whale, was in distress. standup: this is what a crab pot looks like. responders say one much larger and heavier than this one was attached to the whale, weighing it down."several hundred pounds, a very large crab pot, 300 feet of line." folkens says the crew was able to remove the crab pot, but the whale is still in danger with fishing line wrapped tight around its tail. he says it's not illegal for crab pot lines to be in the water where the whale was caught, but it's not ideal. "if they could move 3 the openings for the crab fishery to the time of year when the whales are not in this area, it wouldn't happen." 3 the crew who i spoke with today says they plan to use a satellite to track the whale all through the night, getting hourly updates to see if the rest of that fishing line falls off. if it doesn't, they'll go out again tomorrow. 3