starting monday---cal fire will hire additional firefighters - in anticipation of a high fire season! in one spot -- they're already getting some help this year, for free! from 600 extra bodies! ...but we're not talking about human beings! 3 sydney daniel spent this evening at the former fort ord, learning about one method to prevent wildfires! she joins us from the newsroom with details! 3 3 well marc and jas... the sheep are back! today i caught up with eric with the bureau of land management's fort ord national monument in monterey county. he told me how important these sheep are to the central coast in protecting you and me. 3 0:23-0:27*trt: 1.06 outcue: eat for free--and he stays in business!:*these sheep look like they're just enjoying a lazy day in the sun... munching on grass on the green hillsides of the former fort ord. but what they're doing-- is much more critical than it looks. 6:54:51 yeah the sheep are actually some of our more valuable vontuneers *or employeesthey act as firefighters! they eat the grass that would otherwise go up in flames if it grows too long. 56:37 we've had the sheep grazing out here at the fort ord national monument since 1996, which is when we started managing the property. stand up15:39:09 what you see behind me, that brown grass is actually some annual grass from last year. now it had previously been grazed over and if it hadn't been, it would be a lot taller and would be and increased fire hazard. 6:55:12 they have been very valuable to help stimulate the native bunch grasses and they eat the non native cheek grasses and just in addition to what they are doing for the grasses, they are actually an enjoyment and a lot of people come out here just to see the's also a win win situation for the owner of these sheep. the animals eat for free--and he stays in business! 3 with little rain giving way to minimal grass, this winter the sheep are only expected to stay a few months. in the newsroom sydney daniel your central coast news.