3 tonight, though, our jasmine viel is taking us to a local farm you probably don't know about! that's right! ### if you visit one of monterey's most popular attractions--- you'll find it literally under your feet! 3 and *this isn't just a lucrative business, it's also helping to fight one of california's most damaging environmental crimes. 3 *trt: 2.20 outcue: right under your feet.:*:39- :49 :54- 1:02 1:51- 1:55 as the sun sets over the monterey bay...it's a busy evening on fisherman's wharf! but right under their feet... there is also a lot of activity 48:19 pulley system natsit's a growing operation for a delicacy you can't just go out and catch. 47:17 a little quieter back here... ducking under wharf pillars meet the man who calls *this*--- *his "office." it' dark, damp, and a little trecherous at times. trevor fay runs the largest sustainable abalone farm of its kind in the u.s.56:25 there's a beauty! he's growing red abalone in its natural environment--the ocean, and using renewable resources. 53:34 so now we are producing 100 thousand to 120 thousand jueveniles every year to replenish inventory. at full build out to grow to 500 thousand abalone at one time. jasmine stand up: 18:37 this right here is live red abalone in shell this thing weights about a pound and 8 or 9 years old and sells for about 26 dollars. fay's farm raised abalone is on the menu at "lulu's griddle in the middle!" it's the special every other friday night!in california, and around the world, the demand for this shellfish-- is high... but so is the crime... in the wild, abalone is an endangered species. catching yourself is illegal. 34:20 all three counties have had significant problems over the past years. department of fish and wildlife captain don kelley covers santa cruz, monterey and san luis obispo counties. he sees at least a couple dozen abalone poaching cases a year! 36:31 it's been bad, we've seen some pretty serious violationslike two months ago, here at garapatta state park, a man-- arrested with 20 black abalone. the penalty? jailtime and fines in the thousands! 40:14 we have a lot of people that spend a good majority of time, year around on this! here's why: in california, wildlife poaching is a crime, second only in dollar volumne to selling drugs! fay's abalone farm, which is completely legal, provides an alternative to the blackmarket. 9:22 fay says: we are conviced taking a bite out of poachingfighting crime, and feeding an appetitie for seafood-- and its all right under your feet. 3 fay's abalone business-- also provides sea life for educational labs, aquariums, and research purposes... 3 the manager for conservation and science at the monterey bay aquarium says farms like that one you just saw-- are rated as a "best choice" in their seafood watch program. abalone raised in china and japan, not on that list, spencer ... 3