3 a former p-g 3 police commander -- headed to prison! john nyunt pleaded guilty today to several felony counts! good evening, thanks for joing us. i'm spencer washburn. 3 central coast news reporter ricardo navarro joins us from the newsroom with more on how nyunt covered up his wife's alleged crimes -- ricardo? 3 3 spencer -- investigators are calling nyunt a corrupt cop. they say there are at least 30 victims to nyunt and his wife's identity theft sceme. the victims are not only on the central coast either. 3 investigators say nyunt and his wife opened up an investigation consulting company -- took on clients that paid thousands for their services but didn't actually do anything. nyunt gave his wife access to the police database. she allegedly used that information to steal people's identites...and investigators say nyunt covered this all up. according to the d-a, victims of nyunt's wife would come to him while he was on duty at pgpd -- and ask for his help -- and he would tell them police were working on it when in fact -- the department had already closed the case. it was after nyunt's wife was arrested -- and threatened to tell investigators everything -- that he was recorded making threats. 3 44:32 hes going to slit her throat, he says he going to take his assault weapon, go to the district attorneys office, hes going to shoot the investigators who were working on this case, specifically mentioned severl of our investigators inclduding investigator ramirez that he is going to kill them, says he going to make national news and he decribes then going after his 3 own people.*****navarror***} investigators who knew nyunt before all this say he is a jekel and hyde character. nyunt also faces federal extortion and wire charges, and a federal investigation is ongoing. 3 nyunt's wife may also face federal charges...what those are has not been determined yet. investigators say nyunt will likely will serve time in federal custody rather than state or county prison, for his safety. in the newsroom, rn, yccn