and faucets.. 17:23:13"this is where the church say it wants to put the new building, it's got all the plans in place, all it needs is the go-ahead from the water district." but with a moratorium possibly in the near future, the soquel creek water district is n't ready to say yes... reluctant to pursue any development at this time. district officials say any new development contributes to water use and because of the water shortage, they can't afford to take a chance during this historic drought.. 17:28;58- water district ron duncan"it's not yes or no to a single project, they look at this as a whole, it's not about just the church or any single project, it's about the water supply and ensuring it for future generations." even if it might save water 17:08:46 twin lakes church rene "we're not opponents of the water district, i feel like we're on the same team, we're going for the same goal which is water conservation" even twin lakes students this message from kyle: dear soquel creek water district..please let us build our new school..we promise to use less water" 17:13:12"we wanted to see this as an opportunity, we wanted to teach the kids about water conservation and about how local government works" one more lesson-- you may not always get your way. 3 that was jake reiner reporting. on april 29th, the board plans to listen to new projects and projects they've already heard like the one from twin lakes church... the water district said the decision to resort to a moratorium is still about a month down the road.