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Hillary Clinton's madcap media mob

If Hillary Clinton decides not to run for president -- and yes, that is still possible -- her return to the media lion's den might be a factor in her thinking..


Governor signs first California groundwater rules

California will no longer be the only western state with a pump-as-you-please approach to groundwater.

Deputy association votes to sue Monterey County sheriff

Monterey County Deputy Sheriff's Association suing Scott Miller

The Monterey County Deputy Sheriff's Association is suing Sheriff Scott Miller in federal court for allegedly campaigning in uniform and violating his employees' First Amendment rights. 

New study on fracking 1

New study paints rosy economic picture for oil exploration in San Benito County

A new study says that in a ‘high end’ estimate over the next 30 years, oil well production in San Benito County could add $4.3 billion to the county economy in the form of jobs and commerce. That would essentially double the total county industry output over that time.

Seaside police officers fight for better working conditions

Seaside delays investigation into alleged harassment by police chief

Alleged harassment on the job by the city's top cop has some Seaside police officers on edge.


California Senate passes firearms restraining order procedure

California lawmakers have advanced a bill that allows judges to temporarily remove firearms from people who show signs that they could harm themselves or others.


California wait period doesn't apply to gun owners

A federal judge has overturned part of a California law requiring a 10-day waiting period for gun buyers, ruling that it does not apply to those who already own firearms.


Ballot measure review period ends Aug. 25 in Monterey County

The Monterey County Elections Department reminds voters that rebuttal arguments for ballot measures are due by 5 p.m. on Aug. 25.

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