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Hillary Clinton Donald Trump split

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Clinton ally playing Trump in debate prep

Hillary Clinton is preparing for Monday's debate at a hotel near her home in Chappaqua, New York, according to sources familiar with the preparations.

Clinton has been hunkered down in the hotel for several days preparing for the debate, working with ...

Congressional Candidate Debate

Lucius and Panetta debate in Seaside

The two candidates, Republican Casey Lucius and Democrat Jimmy Panetta covered a range of issues at a debate on Monday night, from immigration reform and healthcare, to marijuana legalization and the military footprint on the Central Coast.

Republicans ramp up message at Santa Cruz County Fair

Push for voters ramps up at Santa Cruz County Fair

Santa Cruz Republicans are working to get the party message out at the Santa Cruz County Fair.

Salinas Council Meeting

Salinas City Council passes new contract for police

Council members voted six to one to pass the three year-contract through the end of 2018. The city is projected to put in almost 12 million dollars over this period.

New Yes on Z headquarters opens in Salinas, Mayors speak out against their efforts

City and community leaders gathered at the new Yes on Z headquarters in Salinas on South Main Street to fight for a clean energy future.

Republican congressional candidate Casey Lucius dumps Trump

Congressional candidate Casey Lucius is making it known she won't vote for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton accepts democratic nomination for President

20th Congressional District Delegate David Kong is at the DNC in Philadelphia sending us pictures of Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech.

The Central Coast reacts to Hillary Clinton’s historic nomination

Tuesday was an emotional night and one for the record books as Hillary Clinton became the first female presidential nominee of a major political party.

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