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Ambulance Ebola patient arrives in Atlanta

Tristan Smith/CNN

What's more contagious than Ebola? Anxiety

Kisha Bell walks into the Neighborhood Medical Center in Dallas complaining of abdominal pain. But she has a much more pressing concern weighing on her mind.

"Ebola -- can you tell me, I guess, as far as like the symptoms?" she asks the doctor.


Pesticides schools and workshops

Pesticide use near schools still major concern

With the just released 2014 Department of Pesticide Regulation findings for California and Salinas, the controversy over pesticide use near schools gets louder once again. Workshops are planned in Salinas to address the issues but opponents question the DPR's methods in their testing.

2014 Pesticide study

No health threat says latest state pesticide air quality study

Since 2011, the State Department of Pesticide Regulation has been studying overall air quality in 3 strategic locations in California. Their latest draft report for 2014 includes a testing station in Salinas. The report showed air quality for 2014 was actually better than in previous years.

Anthrax microscope


Live anthrax sent by military

Four lab workers in the United States and up to 22 overseas have been put in post-exposure treatment after the U.S. military inadvertently shipped live anthrax samples -- some via FedEx -- to locations in nine states, a defense official told CNN.


Fast food french fries


Fast-food chains taking healthy turns

A number of major fast-food chains and companies have recently announced healthier practices, moving to all-natural ingredients and ending the use of additives.

Burgers, colon microbiome


Scientists eye how foods affect bacteria in your colon

Next time you are trying to decide what's for dinner, consider that you are eating for two. You and your gut microbiome.

Doctor generic blurb image

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Tinder, other hookup apps blamed for rise in STDs

Rhode Island's Department of Health says that sexually transmitted diseases are way up in the state, in part because of the increase of hookup apps like Tinder.

Between 2013 and 2014, cases of syphilis grew by 79%. HIV infections were up 33% and gonor...


Culinary Brands recalls over 4,000 pounds of pork

Culinary Brands is recalling approximately 4,038 pounds of pork products due to misbranding and wheat in the product that was undeclared on the label according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service.


Understanding Health

15 of history’s deadliest disease outbreaks

POSTED: 07:36 AM PDT Oct 22, 2014 

Throughout history, hundreds of millions of lives have been lost to epidemics and pandemics.  Here are 15 of the deadliest.

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