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Ambulance Ebola patient arrives in Atlanta

Tristan Smith/CNN

What's more contagious than Ebola? Anxiety

Kisha Bell walks into the Neighborhood Medical Center in Dallas complaining of abdominal pain. But she has a much more pressing concern weighing on her mind.

"Ebola -- can you tell me, I guess, as far as like the symptoms?" she asks the doctor.


pork products recall

Importer recalls uninspected pork products

A food importer from Key Biscayne, Florida has recalled pork products from Spain after determining the products were not fully inspected at the port of entry. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service say consumers may have health consequences from eating the pork.

Central Coast health experts How to stay safe from the flu

Santa Clara County records first flu death, patient under 65

The Santa Clara County Public Health Department has reported the first flu death for
the 2014/2015 season.

Measles 2


California measles outbreak grows

California has reported more measles cases.

receptionist secretary sitting behind desk

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Sit smarter with yoga

You've probably heard that "sitting is the new smoking." Not only does it lead to aches and pains, edema, varicose veins, sciatica and more -- according to a new study, too much sitting can actually kill you.

Measles 2


Santa Clara County Health updates extent of two measles patients

The Santa Clara County Public Health Department has confirmed two cases of measles in Santa Clara County.

Kaiser RN's get deal

Kaiser Permanente RN's approve new contract after strike

After going on strike to get some resolution to their plight, registered nurses and nurse practitioners who work at 21 Kaiser Permanente hospitals and 65 clinics across Northern and Central California, have voted to approve a new three-year agreement.

Notice: Gilroy Costco customers may have been exposed to measles

Person with measles visited Gilroy Costco 7 days ago

Customers at a Costco store in Gilroy may have been exposed to measles. This is according to a notice by the Santa Clara County Health Department that is posted outside the store. 


Understanding Health

15 of history’s deadliest disease outbreaks

POSTED: 07:36 AM PDT Oct 22, 2014 

Throughout history, hundreds of millions of lives have been lost to epidemics and pandemics.  Here are 15 of the deadliest.

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