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Dear Jon pesiticide testing

Dear Jon: Agency says pesticides in the Salinas Valley air pose low risk

There will always be a question about pesticides in the Salinas Valley air given the amount of agriculture on the Central Coast. Is there a health risk? Many believe there is, but you may be surprised what the latest study has to say about this. Tyrone from Salinas asked me, “Dear Jon, is it true that the air in Salinas is high in pesticides?”

Dear Jon EBT Cards 2

Dear Jon: EBT abuse questioned

Several social programs are connected to Electronic Benefit Transfer cards here in California, CalFresh and CalWorks to name the main two. But Social Services says that abuse can occur. Terri asks, “Dear Jon, Does the state monitor where EBT cash is spent?”

Message sign

Dear Jon: Too few electronic highway message signs?

We’ve seen the electronic message signs along the highways here on the Central Coast. They may warn of an Amber Alert about an abducted child or driving conditions ahead. But for one viewer, it seems there are not enough of them.


Dear Jon: Repeated calls by credit card company drives customer crazy

It’s happened to many of us, you’re credit company says you’re past due on your credit card bill but you don’t think so. Never the less, the threatening computer generated calls start coming saying ‘pay up’ to avoid further late fees and collection proceedings. Mary in Pacific Grove wrote to me and asked, “Dear Jon, how do I complain about Citibank repeatedly calling me 3 to 4 times a day before…

Dear Jon Right to work

Dear Jon: Could California become a ‘right to work’ state?

The ‘right to work’ is a concept that people have the right to work for an employer and not be forced to join a union. Currently 19 states have 'right to work' laws and California is not one of them. Henry messaged me on social media and asked, “Dear Jon, what are the chances that California will become a right to work state?”

dear jon security deposit

Dear Jon: Is there a time limit to sue for your security deposit?

As a residential renter, there are more disputes with landlords on security deposits then just about anything else. I received a question from “Heaven59”, “Dear Jon, how long after you move out can you sue for your security deposit? What's the limit?”

dear jon domes 2

Dear Jon: Those 'little bumps' on the sidewalk drive her crazy

They’re hard to miss, those little bumps as you transition from the sidewalk to the parking lot at your favorite store. Dianne asked me, “Dear Jon, why oh why, do grocery stores have those little bumps on the curb? I hate them as they knock everything around in the cart!”

Anthem 2

Dear Jon: Blue Cross customer upset doctor won't accept health insurance

You would think that if you sign up for insurance through the health exchange known as Covered California that your doctor would take your insurance. That’s turning out not to be the case with Blue Cross coverage in Monterey and other counties in the state. Mike in Carmel Valley asked, “Dear Jon, why doesn’t my doctor take my Blue Cross insurance? He did last year.” What I found out is disturbing…

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