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Dear Jon building in Marina and water restrictions

Dear Jon: Can developers in Marina keep building under state water restrictions?

The continuing drought and the State Water Board's emergency water conservation regulations have many questioning the continued home building on the Central Coast. Bob from Marina asks, “Dear Jon, with all the water restrictions going in everywhere and some people not getting enough water. How can the City of Marina allow East Garrison and The Dunes to build homes?

dear jon manzanita park 2

Dear Jon Update: Manzanita Park access battle continues

For years Monterey County has allowed the North County Youth Recreation Association to manage a portion of Manzanita Park via a contract. But daily access is an issue. Sue, from Prunedale wrote, “Dear Jon, why can't we have the Manzanita Park gate open for public use? After all it is our park!”

dear jon crime tip line 1

Dear Jon: Will you remain anonymous making a crime tip?

Building trust with the community is something the Salinas police department has been working hard to do. It’s especially important in receiving crime tips from the community. But Steve wrote to me and asked. “Dear Jon, can I really remain anonymous if I call the Salinas police crime tip line?

dear jon traffic cams

Dear Jon: Video traffic detection or 'big brother?'

The city of Salinas has 106 traffic signals that it maintains, but have you ever noticed those cameras fastened above the signals?  A Salinas resident concerned about the cameras wrote, “Dear Jon, I see those cameras mounted on the top of the traffic signals. Are they working or are they just for show? And are they watching us?”

dear jon monterey downs

Dear Jon Update: Monterey Downs EIR released

Monterey Downs is proposed to be a $100 million economic boom to the Central Coast with some 2800 Central Coast jobs. But opponents continue to question, “Where's the water?” Now the long awaited environmental was released Monday and the economic report is not far behind.


Dear Jon: Presidio ‘active shooter’ drill follow up

Last summer the Presidio of Monterey was thrown a curve during an ‘active shooter’ drill on base. Paul wrote to me wanting the rest of the story, “Dear Jon, I'm curious as to why this story has not been followed up on. There was so much hoopla the day of the event and then not a peep!" I have some new information on this investigation.


Dear Jon: Why are those bike lanes green?

Brand new green bike lanes are popping up on the Central Coast. Karen sent me a note, “Dear Jon, I see the City of Salinas and others have painted bike lanes green. Kinda weird, did they do it because people can't see them? What's next, neon yellow bike lanes?

dear jon traffic signal 3

Dear Jon: Who fixes that busted traffic signal?

All drivers have at some point come upon a defective traffic signal. Getting it fixed can be tricky because in this day and age of tight municipal budgets, it’s not always the city public works department responsibility.

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