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Dear Jon: Delays ending in Boronda Road widening project

It's a project 10 years in the making -- widening Boronda Road in Salinas. Jose emailed me at ‘’, “Dear Jon, my commute on Boronda can be a nightmare at times! When are they going to widen it?”

dear jon texting while stopped

Dear Jon: To text or not when stopped at the red light

Texting or using a cell phone while driving, we still see it on the road and yes, it is against the law. Ana emailed me at and asked, "Dear Jon, can you still get a ticket if you text at a red light, but not while driving?"

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Dear Jon: Taking back your old medications

Recent studies have found household medicines are ending up in our lakes and streams and that's raising questions about the quality of our drinking water. Rosa from Watsonville sent me note, “Dear Jon, I have a lot of old meds that I'd like to get rid of, but I don't know where to take them. Where do I go?

dear jon monterey downs

Dear Jon Update: Monterey Downs EIR may be released in March

Monterey Downs is proposed to be a $100 million economic boom to the Central Coast. But opponents continue to question, “Where's the water?” In this update we continue to follow the story behind the delay of release of the ‘specific plan’ with the City of Seaside.

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Dear Jon: Gas prices and motor oil don’t dance to same drummer

Gas prices dipped to the lowest we've seen in years over the last few months. But I’ve come to find out just because crude oil is lower and gas prices follow that, pricing of motor oil on the store shelf doesn’t follow lower crude oil pricing.

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Dear Jon: Pedestrians beware in crosswalks

If you drive anywhere on the Central Coast, you'll encounter pedestrians. Laura wrote to me and questioned right of way in crosswalks. She wrote, “Dear Jon, when a pedestrian is within the crosswalk and the red hand signal starts flashing, do cars have the right of way in front of the pedestrian that's still crossing?”

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DEAR JON UPDATE: Monterey Downs EIR hang up over water

It's a project 7 years in the making, Monterey Downs on the former Fort Ord promises to create thousands of jobs and be a $100 million economic boon to Seaside, Marina and all of Monterey County. Sources say the hang up for making the EIR public comes from a memo that surfaced over water issues.

dear jon common core and parents

Dear Jon: Common Core Standards presents a challenge for parents

The new Common Core Standards being used in schools have been in place for over a year now. But parents are saying the real challenge has been dropped in their laps. Stacie from Capitola email me, “Dear Jon, my child is learning differently than how I was taught. What can I do as a parent to help my child with homework?”

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