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DEAR JON: Old Stage Road the 'new' dump

Illegal dumping in Monterey County, it's an ongoing problem that's become worse in recent years by the addition of hazardous waste. Question: "Dear Jon, I'm writing you about the new 'trash' dump Old Stage Road, from Hebert to Crazy Horse Canyon and beyond. What can we do about it? There is something that you can do.

dear jon manzanita park 2

DEAR JON: Manzanita Park access battle; solution soon

For years Monterey County has allowed the North Monterey County Youth Recreation Association to manage a portion of Manzanita Park via a contract. But daily access is an issue. Sue, from Prunedale wrote, “Dear Jon, why can't we have the Manzanita Park gate open for public use? After all it is our park!”

Dear jon monterey downs arena 1

DEAR JON UPDATE: Seaside reverses course specific plan and EIR on hold

It's a project 7 years in the making, Monterey Downs on the former Fort Ord promises to create thousands of jobs and be a $100 million economic boon to Seaside, Marina and all of Monterey County. Now, developers are revealing ahead of the release of the specific plan, an exclusive look at the planned new sports arena.

cdfw salmon

Dear Jon: When does sport caught fish become just food?

Fishing in the ocean or streams is a favorite pastime, but knowing the rules is important too. One angler wants to know when exactly does his catch become just food and not work against the stated limit for the game?

Dear Jon DPR 2013 1 pic

Dear Jon: Latest pesticide air quality report called 'bitter sweet'

The use of pesticides in the Salinas valley is a normal part of agriculture operations. But how much of those substances end up in the air is of prime concern for all of us. The latest data for 2013 provides an answer to Tyrone’s question, “Dear Jon, Is it true that the air in the Salinas valley is high in pesticides?”

Dear Jon el nino 1

Dear Jon update: Weather service says EL Nino slow to develop

We need water, that's an understatement. Several dry years in row and you’d think we’re due for a ‘gully washer.’ Russ asked, “Dear Jon, Is the coming El Nino going to be as strong as the 82-83 season?” The Latest from National Weather Service points to a better than average chance of an EL Nino.

Dear Jon hwy 1 1

Dear Jon: The challenge of Highway 1 gridlock through Moss Landing

 If you drive through Moss Landing daily you know what gridlock can be during the rush hour. Kelly wrote to me and asks, “Dear Jon, we live in the richest state in the U.S. and Highway 1 is still just two lanes from Monterey to Santa Cruz. Are there plans to make it four lanes, as it should be?

dear jon buses 1

Update Dear Jon: Buses flashing red lights mean stop

Students are back at school and traffic safety is a hot topic, especially for National School Bus Safety Week. This updated Dear Jon report includes suggestions from the California Highway Patrol. Nick sent me a note, “Dear Jon, without fail everyday I see drivers that do not understand what the lights on the school bus mean, can you help?”

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