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Dear Jon: The challenge of Highway 1 gridlock through Moss Landing

 If you drive through Moss Landing daily you know what gridlock can be during the rush hour. Kelly wrote to me and asks, “Dear Jon, we live in the richest state in the U.S. and Highway 1 is still just two lanes from Monterey to Santa Cruz. Are there plans to make it four lanes, as it should be?

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Update Dear Jon: Buses flashing red lights mean stop

Students are back at school and traffic safety is a hot topic, especially for National School Bus Safety Week. This updated Dear Jon report includes suggestions from the California Highway Patrol. Nick sent me a note, “Dear Jon, without fail everyday I see drivers that do not understand what the lights on the school bus mean, can you help?”

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DEAR JON: What's in your water bill?

Water, always a hot topic. But the big question is how much are we paying for it? And where does a customer's money go? Cyrus asks, “Dear Jon, I'm not using as much water as last year, but my bill is 60 to 70 percent higher. Who gets the extra money that I’m paying?”

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DEAR JON: E-cigarettes still largely allowed

They’re fast becoming one of the biggest public health concerns, electronic-cigarettes. As more and more people take up using this tobacco alternative, some cities are pushing back. So where can you use e-cigarettes? At least one city here on the Central Coast says "not in our public places."

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Dear Jon: Strawberries smaller this year?

The Central Coast produces 88 percent of the Strawberries in the United States and the Salinas/Watsonville region is roughly 50 percent of the California production. Miguel was concerned and asked me, “Dear Jon, why have the strawberries been small and not ripe lately?"

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DEAR JON: Tatum's Garden cleanliness questioned

Tatum's Garden, a special 20,000 square foot playground in Salinas has full accessibility. There’s no other playground like it for a radius of 250 miles. Sandra wrote to me concerned, ‘Dear Jon, I was at Tatum's Garden recently with my grandson and it was so dirty. I know the city has budget problems, but what happened?

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Dear Jon: Wet winter? It’s a toss up

We need water, that's an understatement. Several dry years in row and you’d think we’re due for a ‘gully washer.’ Russ messaged me on Facebook and asked, “Dear Jon, Is the coming El Nino going to be as strong as the 82-83 season?”

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DEAR JON: Monterey’s El Estero Park bridge walkways need work

Central Coast cities continue to suffer from a lack of funds and that leaves infrastructure projects on the drawing board. Most cities do have a maintenance budget, but Mryna asks, “Dear Jon, I walk on the wooden sidewalks over El Estero Lake every day, does the city of Monterey even know that the boards are falling apart?”

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