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Janet Yellen


Yellen: Fed can't risk 'overheating the economy'

The Federal Reserve won't wait too long to raise rates.

Gary Coleman roller coaster man

Kings Island amusement park

Theme parks ready for summer -- and their stocks are soaring

The stock market often seems like one big roller coaster. So why not invest in roller coasters?

Companies that own theme parks have done surprisingly well in 2015 -- despite concerns about sluggish consumer spending.

And it looks like the summer -- wh...


Fraudulent use of USDA mark spurs massive recall

A fraudulent use of an inspection mark has forced LQNN, Inc. to recall 213,192 pounds of chicken, beef and pork products that were produced. The meat also was not inspected according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service.

NYSE traders on floor May 2015

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Dow sets new record; first since March

The Dow Jones industrial average set a new closing record of 18,299 points after inching up 26 points Monday.

Wall Street sign

The global economy has a 'titanic problem'

The U.S. economy has shown signs of capsizing this year. Growth has been weak and consumers still aren't spending.

One bearish economist sees the U.S. and global economies on course to hit the next iceberg -- another recession -- in the near future.


Millennials, office

iStock / shironosov

Where do Millennials want to work?

Hey, Corporate America. It appears that many Millennials -- that tsunami of future workers -- don't really want to work for you. At least not the newest college graduates.

Etsy logo

From Etsy/CNN

Etsy stock tanks 8% on fears of counterfeit goods

Etsy, the online marketplace for crafts, is seeing a lot of selling Monday. But this isn't a run on jewelry and hand-made blouses.

Investors are dumping the stock after a Wall Street analyst warned that as many as 2 million items for sale on Etsy -- a...

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