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Paycheck, check, payroll


Underpaid, overworked may soon get some relief

Millions of people who work long hours today will soon get more money ... or more free time. Or not.

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Amazon is making an amazing comeback

It looks like Wall Street's love affair with Amazon has been re-Kindle-d.

Locals fight for more space in a Santa Cruz community garden

After much debate an agreement was made earlier this week involving the Beach Flats Community Garden in Santa Cruz, but some community members say it’s not enough.

Legendary Santa Cruz radio station struggling to stay on air, may close doors very soon

Saturday was the last day for KUSP’s May Day Fundraiser to help the community radio station stay on the air.

Marina’s housing market heats up

For the past two years the housing market in marina has gone from lukewarm to piping hot.

Phillips 66

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Warren Buffett's favorite oil stock is tanking

Investors -- including the legendary Warren Buffett -- weren't getting their kicks with Phillips 66 on Friday.

Stock market traders

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New milestone for bull market: 2nd longest ever

It's been 2,608 days since the bull market was born from the ashes of the Great Recession.

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