Heat Advisory September 25

Heat Advisory issued for Central Coast

A ridge of high pressure moving in this weekend will push winds offshore, bringing hot, dry conditions all the way to the coast. Record high temperatures will be possible on Sunday and Monday.


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Dear Jon wdyc highways 156 and 68

UPDATE: Special Report, Highways 68 & 156 Drive You Crazy

Which highways on the Central Coast cause you the biggest headaches? There were two local highways that you complained about the most. Mona from Salinas wrote, “Dear Jon, Highway 68 is so bad! If they're going to build new homes, can't they widen 68 to four lanes in both directions?” And Ron from Royal Oaks wrote, “Highway 156 from Prunedale to Castroville is intolerable!”

Dear jon monterey downs arena 1

Monterey Downs EIR hang up over water

It's a project 7 years in the making, Monterey Downs on the former Fort Ord promises to create thousands of jobs and be a $100 million economic boon to Seaside, Marina and all of Monterey County. Sources say the hang up for making the EIR public comes from a memo that surfaced over water issues.

Dear Jon Manzanita TAG

Manzanita Park gets tagged in access battle

For years Monterey County has allowed the North County Youth Recreation Association to manage a portion of Manzanita Park via a contract. But daily access is an issue. Now taggers have entered the picture. Sue, from Prunedale wrote, “Dear Jon, why can't we have the Manzanita Park gate open for public use? After all it is our park!”

cdfw salmon

When does sport caught fish become just food?

Fishing in the ocean or streams is a favorite pastime, but knowing the rules is important too. One angler wants to know when exactly does his catch become just food and not work against the stated limit for the game?


Coastal trail progresses on the Central Coast

Biking the Central Coast in Monterey County on the coastal trail is a joy for many, but that experience is extremely limited in Santa Cruz County. Jason wrote to me and asked, “Dear Jon, I enjoyed riding the coastal trail from Pacific Grove to Castroville, but when is the trail going to Santa Cruz?”


Salinas faces crumbling sidewalks across city neighborhoods

Cracked sidewalks in Salinas have been a constant source of complaints for years. How bad is it? Bad. Amy writes, “Dear Jon, sidewalks in Salinas are atrocious! My question is not about how they can be fixed, but how can they be A.D.A. compliant?


Rental home rude awakening for many on Central Coast

Renters on the Central Coast have had a rude awakening these days as monthly rents values continue to rise. Steven from Santa Cruz asks, “I can't believe what landlords are asking for rental homes these days! What gives!?”

Dear Jon building in Marina and water restrictions

Can developers in Marina keep building under state water restrictions?

The continuing drought and the State Water Board's emergency water conservation regulations have many questioning the continued home building on the Central Coast. Bob from Marina asks, “Dear Jon, with all the water restrictions going in everywhere and some people not getting enough water. How can the City of Marina allow East Garrison and The Dunes to build homes?

There are currently no severe weather alerts.

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