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Brown: California needs long-term vision on water

Gov. Jerry Brown says he will focus on a long-term strategy to cope with California's water problems if he is re-elected in November.

Santa Cruz Water Supply Convention

Santa Cruz Water Supply Convention scheduled for Thursday

Community members are being encouraged to participate in a Santa Cruz Water Supply Convention on Thursday.

CAL AM breaks down water rates at workshop

CAL AM breaks down water rates at workshop

CalAm water rate system criticized by customers during study session

Water rates are coming under scrutiny on the Monterey Peninsula as some customers are saying California American Water is charging residential customers unfairly.


Watsonville offering lawn-replacement rebates for city residents

Residents of the city of Watsonville can get a rebate for replacing high-water use lawns with drought-tolerant, permeable landscaping.

Hot temperatures prompt heat advisory fire danger warning

High fire danger, CAL FIRE beefs up staffing on Central Coast

Hot temperatures coupled with the dry vegetation has CAL FIRE beefing up staffing this week. Local fighters out battling wildfires burning across the state, have now returned to the Central Coast in anticipation of a fire here at home.

Santa Cruz approves resolution that will increase water rate

Santa Cruz City Council votes to increase water rates by 50 percent over 5 years

The Santa Cruz City Council on Tuesday approved a proposal to increase water rates by 50 percent over a five-year period.

CAL AM to build test desalination plant

Cal-Am gets $1 million state grant to build desalination test well

California America Water has been awarded a $1 million state grant for its desalination test well project.

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