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Gas refinery

Watchdog group pans California refineries for price gouging

Californians are paying roughly 80 cents more a gallon than the rest of the country says a consumer watchdog group. Members published a report Tuesday before a California Senate committee putting the blame of refineries and their efforts to keep California gasoline stockpiles low to price gouge the public.

Bay bridge east span 2

Winning bid announced for old Bay Bridge demolition

The California Department of Transportation has announced the winning bidder for part of the demolition of the old east span of the Bay Bridge. The winning $69-million bid, which was the lowest of four competing proposals, was approximately 25 percent cheaper than engineers estimated.


Dear Jon: Why are those bike lanes green?

Brand new green bike lanes are popping up on the Central Coast. Karen sent me a note, “Dear Jon, I see the City of Salinas and others have painted bike lanes green. Kinda weird, did they do it because people can't see them? What's next, neon yellow bike lanes?

dear jon traffic signal 3

Dear Jon: Who fixes that busted traffic signal?

All drivers have at some point come upon a defective traffic signal. Getting it fixed can be tricky because in this day and age of tight municipal budgets, it’s not always the city public works department responsibility.

dear jon lighthouse 1

Dear Jon: Lighthouse Avenue Monterey still a head scratcher

If you spend any time on the Monterey Peninsula you have likely been in a traffic jam on Lighthouse Avenue or Holman Highway. Andy wrote to me and asked, “Dear Jon, I was on Lighthouse after the Pro-Am and sat in traffic on Lighthouse for 30 minutes! Can't they fix that?”

Dear Jon gas price hike

Dear Jon: Quick gas price hike raises questions

It’s sticker shock at the gas pump. We’ve enjoyed low gasoline prices for the past few months. But the recent spike has us all scratching our heads. Pete from Monterey asks, “Dear Jon, I can't believe it! The price of gas was so low and now it's high again! What gives?”

dear jon boronda 1

Dear Jon: Delays ending in Boronda Road widening project

It's a project 10 years in the making -- widening Boronda Road in Salinas. Jose emailed me at ‘’, “Dear Jon, my commute on Boronda can be a nightmare at times! When are they going to widen it?”

Traffic worker hit killed along Highway 68

TRAFFIC ALERT: Moro Road back open in Prunedale

Monterey County Public Works said Moro Road in Prunedale is back open.

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