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Central Coast leaders push to bring train line to area

Leaders push to extend train line from the Bay Area to the Central Coast

A push to get a train line extended from the Bay Area to the Central Coast is heating up, as local leaders try to get federal dollars to make it happen. Project plans for one area near Watsonville are already in the works.

Tune in Friday mornings for Wonders of the Central Coast with Dann Cianca

California Highway 1 named the “ultimate road trip” by Sunset Magazine

Our very own Highway 1 has been named the “Ultimate Highway Trip,” by Sunset Magazine this June out of the 72 designated scenic highways in the state. The most famous segment of Highway 1 passes through Big Sur along our Central Coast. 

Traffic worker hit killed along Highway 68

Lighthouse Ave. tunnel closure Thursday night for repairs

The Lighthouse Ave. tunnel in Monterey will be closed in one direction overnight due to maintenance repairs, according city officials.


Dear Jon: Coastal trail progresses on the Central Coast

Biking the Central Coast in Monterey County on the coastal trail is a joy for many, but that experience is extremely limited in Santa Cruz County. Jason wrote to me and asked, “Dear Jon, I enjoyed riding the coastal trail from Pacific Grove to Castroville, but when is the trail going to Santa Cruz?”

Dear Jon wdyc highways 156 and 68

UPDATE: Special Report, Highways 68 & 156 Drive You Crazy

Which highways on the Central Coast cause you the biggest headaches? There were two local highways that you complained about the most. Mona from Salinas wrote, “Dear Jon, Highway 68 is so bad! If they're going to build new homes, can't they widen 68 to four lanes in both directions?” And Ron from Royal Oaks wrote, “Highway 156 from Prunedale to Castroville is intolerable!”

Drug resistant Shigella

Drug resistant intestinal illness spreading across the United States

International travelers are bringing a multidrug-resistant intestinal illness to the United States and spreading it to others who have not traveled, according to a report released today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

dear jon traffic cams

Dear Jon: Video traffic detection or 'big brother?'

The city of Salinas has 106 traffic signals that it maintains, but have you ever noticed those cameras fastened above the signals?  A Salinas resident concerned about the cameras wrote, “Dear Jon, I see those cameras mounted on the top of the traffic signals. Are they working or are they just for show? And are they watching us?”

Gas refinery

Watchdog group pans California refineries for price gouging

Californians are paying roughly 80 cents more a gallon than the rest of the country says a consumer watchdog group. Members published a report Tuesday before a California Senate committee putting the blame of refineries and their efforts to keep California gasoline stockpiles low to price gouge the public.

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