1 person dead after shooting in Seaside involving a police officer

The Seaside Police Department has confirmed the death of 27-year-old Nestor Cruz-Ciriaco after a shooting involving one of their police officers Saturday.


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Traffic safety measures added on Highway 68 after deadly crash

Slow for the cone is coming with some extra safety measures in Monterey County after a traffic worker was hit and killed about two weeks ago.

Head-on crash snarls traffic on Highway One near Moss Landing

Dann Cianca

Head-on crash snarls traffic on Highway One near Moss Landing

Traffic on Highway 1 just south of Moss Landing has been slow on Friday night.

Wonders of the Central Coast: Pacific Grove Monarch Sanctuary

Wonders of the Central Coast: Pacific Grove Monarch Sanctuary

Deep in the woods of Pacific Grove, you can find thousands of insects swarming in the trees. The thought alone is enough to make most people run for the hills. But this insect has a friendlier, more comforting reputation. We're talking about the Monarch Butterfly and thousands call Pacific Grove home

New Study 80 of California roadways could fail

New report looks at road quality throughout California

A new report looking at roads throughout the state indicates that nearly $7 billion a year is needed to improve the state's roadways and make them safer.

Dear Jon hwy 1 1

Dear Jon: The challenge of Highway 1 gridlock through Moss Landing

 If you drive through Moss Landing daily you know what gridlock can be during the rush hour. Kelly wrote to me and asks, “Dear Jon, we live in the richest state in the U.S. and Highway 1 is still just two lanes from Monterey to Santa Cruz. Are there plans to make it four lanes, as it should be?


Caltrans: Roadwork slated for Highway 17 Wednesday and Thursday

Crews will be performing road repair involving a 400-foot stretch of northbound Highway 1 to the northbound Highway 17 connector ramp on Wednesday.


Highway 101 median barrier project begins Thursday in Prunedale

An emergency project to repair a section of median barrier on northbound Highway 101 in the Prunedale area is taking place Thursday between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

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