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gas prices dropping

Gas prices continue their skid

Two weeks ago News Channel Five reported that gas prices would continue their drop in 2015. Then came the 'cap and trade' levy at the pump in California, adding roughly a dime to a gallon of gas. Despite the levy, prices are hitting 6 year lows.


Update: Despite 'cap and trade' fees gas prices continue to fall into 2015

Inch by inch, cent by cent and nickel by nickel gas prices have come down on the Central Coast. Several factors will move gas prices lower as we enter 2015 say experts. This is despite reports of 'cap and trade' fees added at the gas pump in California this year.

Monterey County parks day pass

County Park attendance generally up year to year; drought takes toll

Monterey County parks are getting lots of public support , but the drought has hampered usage at Lake San Antonio. But now, in an effort to spur annual park pass sales, Monterey County is now offering frequent users of one park an annual pass at a reduced rate.


CHP: Driver safety tips for wet weather

As heavy rain approaches, the California Highway Patrol offers the following safety tips for drivers. 

Wonders of the Central Coast Santa Cruz Mission

Wonders of the Central Coast: Santa Cruz Mission

"This is a story of Spanish Colonial California"


Traffic safety measures added on Highway 68 after deadly crash

Slow for the cone is coming with some extra safety measures in Monterey County after a traffic worker was hit and killed about two weeks ago.

Head-on crash snarls traffic on Highway One near Moss Landing

Dann Cianca

Head-on crash snarls traffic on Highway One near Moss Landing

Traffic on Highway 1 just south of Moss Landing has been slow on Friday night.

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