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Distemper spikes in Santa Cruz raccoons

The Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter is advising pet-owners to vaccinate their animals after a spike in raccoon distemper cases.

Seabirds being affected by El Niño

El Nino storms aren't just affecting humans, but wildlife as well. Some of our local sea birds are facing new challenges this year as El Nino-related storms continue to pound the Central Coast.

SPECIAL REPORT: Dog safety at off-leash parks

How to make sure your dog stays safe in public areas

Salinas residents weigh in on new and proposed dog parks

"Something positive to Salinas is what we want, so that's why we're here," said Marcus Medina, Salinas resident and dog owner.

Pierre the Puppy finds forever home in Seaside

Pierre the Puppy finds forever home in Seaside

Eight-week-old Pierre has been in the local spotlight for several weeks now. A woman originally claimed to have found the Chihuahua abandoned in Oldtown Salinas, then it was revealed this week that it was a hoax. What's not a joke is that he now has a forever home. He was adopted by a Seaside family that lost their pet in the Monterey Dog Spa Fire.

Rabies warning in Monterey County

UPDATE: Cat tests positive for bat rabies in Monterey

A rabid cat recently reported in Monterey tested positive for bat rabies this week, according to the Monterey County Health Department.

Home Away From Home Pet Spa catches fire killing several pets

Monterey pet spa catches fire, 15 dogs died, firefighters said

Home Away From Home, a pet spa in Monterey, caught fire Sunday afternoon killing 15 dogs, firefighters said.

Salinas Animal Services reducing fees for scared and lost pets in July

To encourage owners to reclaim their pets, Salinas Animal Services will be reducing and waiving fees July 1st through July 11th.

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