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Dear Jon: Rental home rude awakening for many on Central Coast

Renters on the Central Coast have had a rude awakening these days as monthly rents values continue to rise. Steven from Santa Cruz asks, “I can't believe what landlords are asking for rental homes these days! What gives!?”

New location eyed for ML baseball stadium in Salinas

Minor league baseball owner takes another swing at Salinas

Minor League Baseball owner D.G. Elmore is back in Salinas making another pitch for his team.

dear jon motor oil 2

Dear Jon: Gas prices and motor oil don’t dance to same drummer

Gas prices dipped to the lowest we've seen in years over the last few months. But I’ve come to find out just because crude oil is lower and gas prices follow that, pricing of motor oil on the store shelf doesn’t follow lower crude oil pricing.


Salinas asks residents again for direction on distributing tax dollars

For the second consecutive year, the city of Salinas is asking its residents where they want their hard earned money to go. They call it priority-based budgeting to see what's most important to the people.

King City is out of a police chief search continues

King City in search of permanent and interim police chief

With four days into the New Year, King City is without a police chief again. Since the arrests of several King City officers last year, the department has had an interim chief but his time has run out.


Dent removal company says impostors are scamming people on Central Coast

A dent removal company operating on the Central Coast claims impostors are trashing its reputation.

Students protest proposed UC tuition hikes. (Holly Quan/CBS)

Proposed tuition hike approved

A proposed tuition hike has been approved by a committee of the University of California governing board.

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