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Dear Jon: Repeated calls by credit card company drives customer crazy

It’s happened to many of us, you’re credit company says you’re past due on your credit card bill but you don’t think so. Never the less, the threatening computer generated calls start coming saying ‘pay up’ to avoid further late fees and collection proceedings. Mary in Pacific Grove wrote to me and asked, “Dear Jon, how do I complain about Citibank repeatedly calling me 3 to 4 times a day before…

Minimum wage law goes into effect Tuesday

Minimum wage jumps to $9 in California

Millions of wage earners in California got a raise today. The minimum wage is now $9 an hour and its good news for most. But there are those that say it's bad for business in California.


Whole Foods to pay $800K to close overpricing case

Whole Foods will pay about $800,000 in penalties and fees after an investigation found the grocery retailer was overcharging customers in California.


Monterey businesses on board with new outdoor drinking rule

Out and about in Monterey now means you can take your drink outside, but only in designated areas, the city said.


Agency boasts improved efforts to curb tobacco tax evasion

It’s been seven years since the last time the State Board of Equalization measured its efforts in this area, but judging from the report, a dent has been put in tobacco tax evasion in California. The agency’s task force has reduced tobacco tax evasion by roughly $62 million. That benefits all Californians because the tobacco taxes get to the funds to support community efforts, such as breast…

Dear Jon Salinas Boronda Road

Dear Jon: Salinas city leaders have their eyes on fixing streets but that’s it

Driving on the streets of Salinas is like driving through canyons of pot holes. Patch work is being done but that’s it. When’s the last time you saw a newly paved city street in Salinas? Nora asked me, “Dear Jon, driving down Boronda Road in northeast Salinas is so bumpy, can’t they fix it?”


Santa Cruz Warriors may have lost Game 1 but not the economy

For the second year in a row, the Santa Cruz Warriors are in the NBA Developmental League Finals.  And for a second year in a row, a successful team does wonders for local businesses.

Dear Jon auto insurance on central coast

Dear Jon: Auto insurance cheapest in California on the Central Coast

One thing you might scratch your head over is how affordable auto insurance is here on the Central Coast when most everything else is more expensive. Carl emailed me and asked, “Dear Jon, the cost of living is so expensive on the Central Coast, but why is auto insurance less expensive here?”

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