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Salinas gets $9.4 loan guarantee from federal officials

The city of Salinas is poised to get a $9.4 million federal loan to help boost economic development and aid with job creation.

Central Coast News

Popular Capitola BookStore Closes

A beloved central coast book store will be closing its doors Friday.

new drought spending plan

State Legislators announce $680 million in new emergency drought spending

Fresh off the heels of a presidential visit to drought stricken California, Governor Brown and legislative leaders have announced a proposal to spend over $680 million to alleviate the impacts of the drought.

Dear Jon newpapers 1

Dear Jon: It’s a land of confusion when it comes to sales tax on newspapers

When you should be charged sales tax in California seems to be more confusing than not on several different fronts. So let me help out a bit, Betty wrote to me and asked, “Dear Jon, is there tax on a newspaper? Some stores charge me tax and others not. There's not tax in the paper vending machine.”

Dear Jon gasoline 4

Dear Jon: Shelf life for gasoline supplies endless, says Economist

I’m sure you’ve noticed that gasoline prices have stabilized, but there's more to the story. “Greenfield” emailed me and asked, “Dear Jon, when will gasoline run out?” Based on what I’ve found the real question should be, when will consumers move on to alternative forms of energy?

AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am

Golf Balls Not Staying Put On Greens

Bringing professionals, celebrities and corporations together, combined with a bottomless pit of spectators every year, all helps feed the Central Coast economy by the millions.

Dear Jon Social Security 1

Dear Jon: Plan on surtaxes for early Social Security draw

Karen emailed me and was fit to be tied. She asked, “Dear Jon, why does Social Security penalize me when I take early retirement? It's hard to make ends meet as it is!” There’s a whole class of “baby boomers” in this boat and it leaves them scratching their heads.

Central Coast News

Fallen Officer's Daughter Doesn't Want Money To Go To Stepmother

The POA is holding on to the $556,800 because it says Ashley Baker doesn't want to give any of the money to her estranged stepmother and Butch Baker's widow, Kelly Baker.

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