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CHOMP partners with Seafood Watch, promising to only serve ocean-friendly seafood

The Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula is committing to only serve ocean-friendly seafood.

Rules relax around food trucks in Monterey

Up until a decision Tuesday night, food trucks in Monterey could only park for one hour before they had to move. In 30 days, it will be a different story. 

Locals fight for more space in a Santa Cruz community garden

After much debate an agreement was made earlier this week involving the Beach Flats Community Garden in Santa Cruz, but some community members say it’s not enough.

Avocado and wings expected to dominate Super Bowl party trays

Football fans may not have agreed on who would take home the Lombardi Trophy for Super Bowl 50, but one thing they did have in common: "We're ready to party," said Santi.

Central Coast protesters boycott large berry supplier

“Boycott Driscoll's, boycott Driscoll's."

Castroville feeds 1000+ Thanksgiving Meals

The line for the 23rd annual Castroville Thanksgiving Feast formed well before it started.

Restaurants and locals hunt for Thanksgiving crabs

It’s been a few weeks now since the commercial crab season was delayed after domoic acid was found in the unusually warm waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Special Report Fresh fish served up at local schools

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Bay2Tray brings fresh local seafood to the school cafeteria in Monterey

It's part of a program at Monterey Unified Peninsula School District started by local company Real Good Fish called Bay2Tray, and as the name suggests, it brings fish from our Monterey Bay to the school cafeteria.

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