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Things to do at the Elkhorn Slough!

Through the heart of Moss Landing, running about 8 miles inland is a meandering body of water called the Elkhorn Slough. within that area is the reserve.

Central Coast spends big bucks honoring Mom

Americans are expected to plunk down $21 billion treating mom.

New event inspires locals to express themselves

The first Santa Cruz Mini Maker Faire was held Saturday at the Gateway School.

Santa Cruz couples tie the knot on Leap Day

The day most people say "I do" is, to many, the most memorable day of their lives, and for some Santa Cruz couples, tying the knot on a day that only comes around every four years makes everything that much more memorable.

New trail will provide a direct gateway to Santa Cruz

"This is going to be a world-class facility," said Santa Cruz associate civil engineer Nathan Nguyen.

Monterey rings in the new year with artistic expression

The thunder of Taiko drummers kicked off the 23rd annual First Night Monterey.

Central Coast law enforcement prepping for New Year’s Eve

Preparations are underway for the 23rd annual First Night Monterey expecting to bring out thousands of people.

Lake Tahoe snow affecting Carmel tourism

"It sounds romantic and it is romantic,” said Randy Barton from Reno, Nevada. “It’s almost like a title of a book like, "Christmas in Carmel."

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