1 person dead after shooting in Seaside involving a police officer

The Seaside Police Department has confirmed the death of 27-year-old Nestor Cruz-Ciriaco after a shooting involving one of their police officers Saturday.


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Police say Santa Cruz High School students are safe to return

On Wednesday night, Santa Cruz Police and the Santa Cruz City School District said its safe for students to return to Santa Cruz High School on Thursday.

Wonders of the Central Coast: Pacific Grove Monarch Sanctuary

Wonders of the Central Coast: Pacific Grove Monarch Sanctuary

Deep in the woods of Pacific Grove, you can find thousands of insects swarming in the trees. The thought alone is enough to make most people run for the hills. But this insect has a friendlier, more comforting reputation. We're talking about the Monarch Butterfly and thousands call Pacific Grove home


Making A Difference: Teddy Bears with Hearts

During an emergency, seconds can feel like an eternity, especially to a child. One local organization is teaming up to offer those in need comfort with the love of a teddy bear.

broadnose sevengill shark

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium celebrates Shark Days this weekend

The Monterey Bay Aquarium presents "Shark Days" this weekend, Nov. 1-2.

Local eye doctors warn against costume contact lenses

State warns wearing costume contact lenses could cause serious problems

A special warning is going out as many get ready to put on Halloween costumes.

Scotts valley company promotes early earthquake detection

KION- Copyright 2014

Scotts Valley company promotes early earthquake detection in Sacramento

Finding ways to get ahead of an earthquake's destruction before it happens -- that's the message coming out of Sacramento, as lawmakers sift through the aftermath of Napa's most recent quake.

Some Capitola parents are concerned that new park location

KION- Copyright 2014

Capitola skate park stirs up safety concerns for parents

A new park meant to serve local kids and dogs is skating on this ice with some parents.

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