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Salinas neighbors upset over school traffic

UPDATE: Harden Middle School principal reminds parents and students to obey traffic laws

One parent calls it a traffic nightmare during pick-up and drop-off at Harden Middle School in Salinas.

Making a Difference Loaves Fishes Computers

Making a Difference, Loaves Fishes & Computers

It's estimated more than 68,000 Monterey County residents are living at or below the poverty line; and because they often don't have computers or regular online access to information, many low income families and students fall behind. But one local tech company is hoping to help. Here's more in today's making a difference.

vaccination bill

Controversial vaccine bill passes in State Senate

A controversial vaccine bill passed through the California Senate after a long heated debate between lawmakers this week. The measure now heads to the Assembly.

UPDATE: Watsonville HS lockdown lifted after police investigation

Watsonville police said they responded to a fight and report of a man with a gun.

Making a Difference The Otter Project

Making a Difference: Otter Project

California Sea Otters once ruled supreme over the central coast. With almost 17,000 at one time, the population has been decimated. But one organization's mission is to get this creature off the endangered species list. Here's more in today's making a difference.

vaccination bill

Controversial vaccine bill moves forward

The Senate Eucation Committee voted in favor of a vaccine bill 7-2, that would ban most california children without their vaccinations from attending private and public schools.

Making a Difference Youth on Course

Making a Difference: Youth on Course

Finding a positive environment to help high school students achieve success can be challenging, but one local organization is using golf to motivate youth on the green. Here's their story in today's making a difference.

UPDATE: Search and rescue teams looking for missing Watsonville farmer

The search continues for a missing, at-risk Watsonville man. Ivan Goich, 66, disappeared nine days ago. The Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office deployed their specialized search and rescue teams for the first time.

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