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PG&E rates set to rise again on Thursday

Monthly rates for California's largest provider of electricity and natural gas service are going up by almost 6 percent for the average home. This is after an earlier bump last fall of nearly $7 for electricity and gas combined for the average bill.

Flooding two weeks ago along Russell Road

Courtesy: Brandon Hansen

Russell Road family cost of flooding damage in the hundreds of thousands of dollars

The fence is still down and mud lines the outside of the Hansen's home on Russell Road. It's a constant reminder of the massive floods two weeks ago.

Dear Jon water appliance inspection fee

Dear Jon: Save yourself inspection fee from water district

If you're doing any home remodeling this spring you should be aware that your water faucets, shower heads and toilets need to be compliant with the water districts codes. Steve wrote to me and asked, "Dear Jon, Do I have to pay the $105 inspection fee to the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District, even though I sent my invoices saying that I upgraded my appliances?"

Some Tenants Could Be Living in Illegal Dwellings

Renters Are Unprotected, Counties Not Able to Enforce Codes for Residential Permit

In a tough economy people are coming up with new ways to make a quick buck.People are renting out guest rooms, and guest houses to appeal to others who want to pay low rent. This is a big draw for renters since the Central Coast is an expensive place to live. However it makes for a dangerous mix when it comes to renting out guest houses at low prices. 

Dear Jon Computer 2

Dear Jon: To be spam or not to be spam? That is the question

Spam, not the edible version, but the email version is a bottomless pit of problems if you let your curiosity get the best of you. Kornelia messaged me on Facebook and asked, “Dear Jon, I received an email about a mandatory court appearance in Georgia in my spam folder, but I can't open the attachment. What do I do?”

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